November News from Mathnasium

Nov 21, 2019 | Rolling Hills Estates

A Note from Our Owner

Recently, the LSU Tigers beat the Alabama Crimson Tide in a college football game destined to become a classic! The intensive game was back and forth the entire time, and in the end, the LSU Tigers bested Alabama 46-41. If you watched the game, you know how great it was!


If you didn't watch it or aren't a fan of college football, a quick synopsis is necessary. Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide have been one of the best teams in the past decade. Alabama has collected five National Championships, a rare feat indeed. After the game, LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron was interviewed by Jamie Erdahl of CBS Sports. During the interview, Orgeron was asked about his running back Clyde Edwards. Clyde is on the smaller side for a running back (5"8' and 209 lbs), but he was key in a decisive play at a critical juncture in the game. Orgeron evaluated, "You know Clyde (in his mind) is 6"4', 270...but he has a great mentality." Wow! Did you hear that? Yes, he made a joke about Clyde’s size, but then added this all-important morsel: "Clyde has a great mentality." His remark gripped my thinking—as a dad, a teacher, an employer, and a leader.


Instead of focusing on Clyde’s physical size, which may initially appear wanting in the eyes of many college coaches, Orgeron instead focused on his young running back’s mentality. This fascinates me. Here is a player who does not have the physical tools of your typical running back, yet he contributes significantly to a formidable football institution like LSU. What he contributes is a great mentality, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.


For the past two months, we have been discussing the importance of developing a Growth Mindset in our children. We have discussed how this is important in all circumstances, but especially in perceived difficulty or failure. We have been working with our children to instill in them a "what did you learn" mentality when the perceived failure is present. Instead of focusing on the error, our intentional focus has shifted to learning a lesson while committing to the hard work needed to avoid repeating the error in the future.


What Clyde Edwards models for us is that the size of the athlete doesn’t matter. What does matter is an individual’s Growth Mindset--the mental state is far more crucial. This mindset applies in education! At Mathnasium, we believe that everyone can succeed if given the proper instruction. Part of that instruction is developing a Growth Mindset in all situations. This month, work on speaking to your child(ren) about this truth. Tell them that through hard work and a Growth Mindset, educational success is possible. Even in failure, there is always a brighter and better day with the right mentality. 


A Growth Mindset perceives a failure as an opportunity for growth. Tomorrow looks brighter and better!


-David Peddie

Charity of the Month









Families Forward exists to help families in need achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through housing, food, counseling, education, and other support services.


Families Forward works with homeless families to find realistic solutions for sustainable housing and build individualized plans to return each family to self-sufficiency. By stabilizing these families and giving them tools to build a future, we create a stronger community for all of us. 


Families Forward also reaches out to low-income families to help reduce the pressures that can cause homelessness and help them maintain their stability. Through various safety-net services, those at-risk are given access to assistance such as our on-site food pantry, counseling, career coaching, and financial and life skills education. The goal of the program is to help families recover from a financial crisis so they can maintain their self-sufficiency. 


For every stamp card donated this month, Mathnasium will donate $1 to Families Forward.


Team Member Spotlight

My name is Ling. I have been working in the educational sector for over ten years, and have met a lot of kids and parents. Teaching and helping students and parents are my passion. I joined Mathnasium in November, 2018 and really enjoyed working here. I Speak English and Mandarin. In my free time, I work out and play the guitar. I also enjoy hanging out with friends, outdoors and reading books.


Favorite Food: My favorite food is hot pot. 


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? The place I would go would be Europe.


Fun Fact: It doesn't look like it but I am athletic.

Student Spotlight

1. What is your favorite thing about Mathnasium?


My favorite things about Mathnasium is the instructors, they make me feel motivated to do math. Not only that, but the instructors are easy to work with. If I have a problem about a certain type of equation the instructor works with me diligently until I fully understand the concept.


2. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not at Mathnasium?


I love to go swimming at Redondo Beach with my friends. Other things I like to do when I am not at Mathnasium are: playing the ukulele, participating in golf tournaments, and reading books.


3. What do you want to be when you grow up?


Being a professional actress has always been a dream of mine. But, I would also settle with being on the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association).