Why Summer Camp and Math Programs are a Great Pair

May 8, 2019 | Roslyn

Summer is just around the corner. Do you know what your kids will be doing? While kids may dream of days filled with swimming, ice cream, and too much screen time, parents know that a little structure goes a long way towards keeping kids motivated, happy, and safe from the academic “summer slide.”

Consider including a summer math program in your plans in order to keep kids productive and learning. Many families find that these programs are a great complement to other summer camps.

How Mathnasium Complements All Types of Camps

STEM Camps

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) camps include topics such as nature, space, computer science, and robotics. These topics require students to be able to apply math skills and reasoning creatively. Your child will have a more enjoyable experience and have more success at these camps if they understand the mathematical concepts that underlie the science, technology, and engineering. Your child will feel like a star at camp!


Performing Arts and Visual Arts Camps

Children attending a camp for drama, music, dance, or painting benefit from our summer sessions too. Our math programs promote creative thinking, problem solving, and discipline. These same skills lend themselves to the creative process necessary for successful art and design. Many musicians and artists use mathematical concepts like ratios, proportions, and fractions as part of their artistic expression.

Sports Camps

Many children go to sports summer camps to hone their athletic skills. Studies show that exercise also makes our minds sharper. It would be a shame to waste the cognitive benefits of exercise. Athletes who attend math summer sessions have already burned off their excess energy and are able to focus and get results. It’s important to exercise the mind as well as the body over summer vacation!

Multi-Activity Camps

Many camps provide campers with a well-rounded experience, with sports, crafts, and camping. An entire summer without focused goals, while great fun, may create a sense that something’s missing. The best summer math programs offer kids the opportunity to strive toward the goal of skill mastery. Kids earn a priceless sense of confidence, competence, and personal accomplishment when they pass a math mastery check. And that skill lasts well past when camp has ended.

The right summer math program can transform your child’s life with a balance of constructive learning and fun. Mathnasium’s summer program complements all camps, and flexible scheduling means it will work well with every family’s summer calendar, fitting in seamlessly around day camps or vacations. 

Mathnasium’s summer programs prevent the academic “summer slide” and set kids up for success in the next school year… and beyond. When planning for summer, consider all that Mathnasium’s programs can offer, then contact the Mathnasium Learning Center nearest you to start a summer of transformation for your child!

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