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To Succeed in the Global Economy, Children Need Stronger Math Skills

Jan 20, 2022 | San Ramon Blog

Our children’s long-term success depends on their ability to compete and collaborate with people around the world. There is one language they will all need to use, and it’s not English: It’s math. Unfortunately, the difference between U.S. students’ math ..

Math and Art

Sep 11, 2020 | San Ramon Blog

The world’s greatest sculptors, painters, and photographers depend on math to create their art. Not only do artists use elements of composition — such as geometry and proportions — to perfect their work, they also use math behind the scenes in the studio!..

The Slimy Job is Really a Numbers Job!

Jun 30, 2020 | San Ramon Blog

  Scott Heger’s company, Blair Adhesives, makes hundreds of different products, but there’s one product category that gets all the attention. Slime. You know that gooey stuff that kids love to play with? Slime..

The Math of Soccer (Futbol)

Jul 11, 2019 | San Ramon Blog

The Math Of Soccer (Fútbol) And The FIFA World Cup Do you have World Cup fever? We do! Then again, what’s not to love about soccer (fútbol) when the World Cup incorporates so much of our favorite thing: MATH! This post was..