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Jerry arrived in Santa Fe 34 years ago. He has always loved math and coached his five children starting at an early age. Jerry has always been active in sports and exercise. He has been an avid skier for sixty years including helicopter skiing in Canada and US. He has played tennis, racquet ball, handball, and squash for many years starting at Northwestern University and continuing after graduation. Jerry is a highly rated bridge player in Santa Fe. He is also an instructor and available for teaching lessons to improve the quality of the game for persons with less knowledge and loves to teach and play the game of bridge. Jerry loves the outdoors and the wonderful quality of life in Santa Fe.

Fun Fact: I was scared to death the first time that I went to Canada to do helicopter skiing. I was in the second group in the helicopter and looked down at people skiing in the first group, and I could not understand why I was doing this frightful thing. We landed and started skiing and it became easier, and I enjoyed the challenge. I went back to do it many times since then.

Education: I went to Northwestern University and graduated with an accounting degree. I then went to Northwestern University Law School and received my law degree. I retired and moved to Santa Fe with my wife.

Why I love Mathnasium: I was always a numbers person. I know telephone numbers in my head and do not ever have to look them up. I also played number games with my children as they progressed through school and tested them as we rode up ski lifts in Colorado. I enjoy teaching others and watching their progress whether it be skiing, mathematics, riding a bicycle, driving a car, bridge, or any other activity.



Daria has been living in New Mexico since she was in kindergarten. She attended The Master's Program Charter High School in Santa Fe and has taken many courses at Santa Fe Community College as well. Math has been one of Daria’s favorite subjects since childhood and she is excited for the opportunity to tutor students in math. Outside of work she enjoys traveling, playing chess, reading, spending time with family and friends, and walking her dog.

Fun Fact: I was born in Southern Poland and immigrated to New Mexico when I was very young. I speak Polish, having relearned much of it as a teenager. I am also an only child.

Education: I graduated with a BS in Mathematics from New Mexico State University.

Why I love Mathnasium: I desire to make use of my recent university education in a way that is productive and helps others. When I was young, I was also getting extra practice in math outside of school to help me develop my thinking skills and succeed academically.



Jaime moved to New Mexico with her family in 2021.  She is excited about the opportunity to help students in Santa Fe develop a love for Math.  She is the mother of seven, with six boys and one girl.  She loves spending time with her family and trying new things.  Jaime spent three years teaching English online to kids in other countries.  She loves to travel and is interested in learning about other countries and cultures.  Jaime loves to be outdoors and enjoys running, mountain biking, and kayaking as often as she can.  She and her family love to camp and backpack and are happy to be living in such a beautiful area with lots of mountains and other outdoor opportunities.  


Fun Fact:  I rode a motorcycle on an epic road trip that lasted one month and covered over 7000 miles, including Beartooth Pass, the curviest road in North America.


Education: I went to school at Brigham Young University and graduated with a BA in History.


Why I love Mathnasium:  When I was in Middle and High school, I was convinced that I could not do Math.  Thanks to the Mathnasium Method, I have since learned that I can understand Math concepts and can help others understand them as well.  Mathnasium helps math make sense and understanding how to do math can help students acquire confidence.



Philip has lived in many places over the course of his working career and in many industries.  His professional career started in the Navy, where he served on active duty for 13 years.  Thereafter he worked in project management and engineering management for 10 years before starting Mathnasium of Santa Fe.  He continues military service as a Navy Reservist.  Outside of work he enjoys riding motorcycles, mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking, backpacking and soccer.


Fun Fact:  I have an interesting connection to Santa Fe.  I served aboard USS Santa Fe (SSN 763) as a junior officer.  When I reported to the boat Santa Fe had just arrived in Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  I completed a successful depot modernization period, sea trials, change of homeport to Pearl Harbor HI and return to normal operations.  I was the Electrical Officer and Navigation Division Officer while aboard Santa Fe.


Education:  I have a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah and a MA in Engineering Management from Old Dominion University.


Why I love Mathnasium:  Teaching math has been a lifelong dream of mine.  While I have found satisfaction in all of my professional endeavors, this is where I have wanted to be! 


My oldest children struggled with math and would not let me assist them.  Failure to develop competency in math impaired their confidence in themselves and contributed to overall academic stagnation.  Many doors are currently closed to them.  This is not necessary.  A solid foundation in mathematics can open the door to most fields of human endeavor.  With proper instruction and effort this is within the reach of our students in Santa Fe. 


The Mathnasium program is exceptional.  We can help the students in our community open doors to challenging, engaging, and fulfilling careers that rely on solid quantitative skillsets.  I am thrilled to be a part of delivering on this promise!  I am also eager to help the children that are still in my home experience the same benefit!

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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