Mathnasium of Santa Monica Prepares Students for the Digital, Adaptive SAT

Feb 9, 2024 | Santa Monica

Big changes are happening in how we take tests, moving from paper and pencils to using digital ones. Mathnasium of Santa Monica is stepping in to help students get used to these changes. The new digital, adaptive SAT will start in March 2024, and Mathnasium of Santa Monica is making sure students are ready for this new way of testing.

At Mathnasium of Santa Monica, we are working hard to help students understand the different parts of the digital SAT. The SAT changes include but are not limited to:

  • All digital
  • More adaptive, more flexible
  • Better accommodations
  • Combined reading and writing sections
  • Shorter reading parts
  • Test content and question format

One big change is that the familiar bubble sheets are no longer going to be used. Instead, the digital, adaptive SAT promises a shorter, more personalized testing experience. The first group of students facing this new digital format will be the class of 2025, dealing with a mix of reading and writing, shorter reading parts, and different kinds of questions. Alongside these changes, how scores are calculated is shifting too, using something called Item Response Theory (IRT). This means understanding that every student might get different questions, and the score is based on how well they do overall. As things transform, it's crucial to adapt, and preparation providers play a big role in supporting students as they get ready for these changes.

We are offering special lessons to make sure students not only know the material but also feel confident using the digital format. Mathnasium of Santa Monica knows that being ready for these changes is important, so we are using new teaching methods and digital tools to help students do well in this new way of taking tests. We want to be a helpful guide for students facing the challenges of these new tests.

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