Opening Day

Apr 2, 2021 | Schertz

Spring is finally here, which signals the closing weeks of the school year for students and teachers as well as the beginning of a new season of Major League Baseball.


Opening Day is the day on which professional baseball leagues begin their regular season and there’s not much like it. Even casual fans become caught up in the excitement of a new season with new hopes.


Arguably, Baseball more than any other sport is driven by math, statistics specifically. Math teachers, parents, and instructors should take advantage of their students’ enthusiasm for the new baseball season by teaching math concepts like averages, probability, and sample sizes in the context of baseball and the popular statistics that apply to both hitters and pitchers. 


Learning math in the context of sports statistics is an awesome way to engage students and to expose them to real-world applications. Whether you’re actually at the ballpark, watching a game on TV, or simply talking balls and strikes at the dinner table, parents and teachers might consider combining some math with their peanuts and Cracker Jacks. 


In next week's blog we’ll offer some educational topics dealing with baseball to consider from a math perspective. 

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