Mathnasium of Scottsdale News!

Mar 15, 2024 | Scottsdale

Q: What did you notice about your center/re the first time you came in?

Employee Answer: I remember noticing how the chairs and tables were set up. The area was smaller and more intimate than I thought it would be.

Q: What is your favorite memory at your center/re?

Employee Answer: My favorite memory is when one of the student's face lit up and smiled when seeing me. It signals to me that I make them feel comfortable.

Q: What’s your favorite part about your center/re?

Owner/CD Answer: Working with the students, of course! The kids are a blast, and if you can send them on their way each day with a smile and having learned something, that's rewarding!

Q: What time of year is the most fun at your center/re?

Employee Answer: I would say Halloween was the most fun because of the candy and games.

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