Back To School: Do It The Best Way

Jul 28, 2021 | Severna Park

Parents everywhere are starting to think about a big, annual event: kids going back to school. Wanna know how Mathnasium of Severna Park can make this back-to-school season the best ever? Check out the top 2 habits to create an awesome year for your child:

1. Create a study space! A recent article from Louisiana State University states, "Your study space is critical to your ability to study effectively. After all, if you can’t concentrate or if you are not comfortable, you certainly can’t expect to learn very well. So, it's important to create a study environment that fosters productivity and minimizes distractions. The space you choose is just as important as who you study with and how often you study."

2. Invest in tutoring! Here's why:

• Tutoring customizes a learning plan for your child. With classrooms of 20+ students, teachers can't create lesson plans for individual students, but tutors can.

• Tutoring fills in any learning gaps that hinder your child from understanding future concepts. At Mathnasium of Severna Park, we offer a comprehensive assessment to determine where the learning gaps are and then teach to fill those gaps in.

• Time spent with a tutor increases a child's confidence. They practice and practice in a safe place while gaining trust in their own ability to solve problems.

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Mathnasium is designed to create a perfect study atmosphere and offer the absolute best in tutoring service. Families everywhere are setting up their kids to have the best year ever by enrolling them in Mathnasium. Is your student ready to go back to school with Mathnasium? Call Mathnasium of Severna Park today .

Parents all over are saying:

"I am 100% pleased" - M.G.


"It's only been a few sessions and my daughter's skills and attitude have improved greatly." -A. D.

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