Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Elaina Brooks

Assistant Center Director
Elaina attends Anne Arundel Community College part-time, pursuing a degree in Engineering Transfer studies. She plans to transfer to a 4 year university to study Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, or Architecture! Elaina’s favorite number is 3 because it is prime and because her favorite shape is a triangle! Outside of work, Elaina likes to do all kinds of art. She is able to bring this into the center by making posters and bulletin boards to decorate the center and celebrate our students!

Rachel Grapes

Lead Instructor
Rachel is currently attending University of Maryland, Baltimore County where she is studying Mathematics! Rachel’s favorite number is 17 because it was her jersey number when she played soccer and it “just makes sense”. She also loves the Fibonacci Sequence also known as the Golden Spiral that follows a logarithmic pattern and is evident everywhere in nature such as in flowers, pinecones, hurricanes, as well as galaxies!

Zach Cosh

Lead Instructor
After graduating, Zach will be attending West Virginia University with a major in Computer Engineering. Zach likes history, and his favorite color is purple because it’s rare in nature and very eye-catching. Zach’s favorite number is 9 because it’s odd, easy to multiply, and is a perfect square of 3!

Thomas Schwartzenburg

Thomas graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Mathematics, and now, he is working on his thesis (also in Math)! Thomas really enjoys running and his favorite number is 3 because of its connections to his faith!

Susan Hogan

Susan earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Maryland, followed by a Masters Degree from Loyola College! She was a classroom teacher for 31 years and including the Gifted and Talented program for 13 years! Susan enjoys gardening, hiking, and spending time with her family! Her favorite number is 8 because it is her birth month and, when turned sideways, represents the infinity symbol!

James Neat

James spent 6 years in the US Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician. He graduated from University of North Florida after studying Business Administration and worked as an internal auditor. After moving to MD, he got his teaching certification in secondary mathematics and taught high school in Anne Arundel County until he retired in 2020. James’ favorite number is pi; he could go on forever and ever about it.

James von Rosenvinge

James will be attending Johns Hopkins starting in the fall where he will be pursuing an engineering degree! James is very good at arcade basketball games and his favorite number is 25 because he was born on the 25th!

Dylan Aubin

In the fall, Dylan will be attending the University Of California Los Angeles pursuing an engineering degree. He will also be completing an independent project on Scuba diving on oyster reefs in the Chesapeake Bay. Dylan’s favorite number is 0 because it is not prime or composite, positive or negative, and arguably doesn't exist. In his free time, Dylan loves tinkering with computers.

Caitlin Tweed

Caitlin is attending the University of Utah as a biology major with a neurobiology emphasis and a psychology minor. Her favorite number is 17! She says it's got a good vibe and feels very sunny to her! It's a prime number and when squared it's 289, which is almost a prime number as its only factors are 1, 17, and itself, making 17 feel very unique. When you're feeling 17, you're also a dancing queen!

Anastasia Quinn

Anastasia is currently attending Stevens Institute of Technology! She plays the electric guitar and her favorite number is 4 because it’s a perfect square, it’s a commonly used number, and it was her jersey number when she used to play soccer!

Mahee Rathod

Mahee is currently pursuing an Applied Math degree at University of Edinburgh! She loves to travel, and her favorite number is tau (2 pi which is roughly equal to 6.28) because it is far less known than pi but has identical uses!

Paul Singleterry

Paul attends Anne Arundel Community College where he is pursuing a degree in Mathematics. He has two cats named Wesley and Charlotte. Paul’s favorite number is 2 because it has always been his jersey number!

Andy Glesmann

After graduating, Andy will be attending Cornell University where he will be studying Chemical Engineering! Andy has memorized over 50 digits of pi. Andy’s favorite number is 4 because it has been his jersey number since he was little and it always stuck with him!

Mason Siebenhaar

Mason is currently working towards a degree in Mathematics from Bucknell University. Mason likes watching sports and is a big Ravens and Orioles fan! His favorite number is 2 because it is the smallest positive even number. It is also the only even prime number!

Michaela Dennis

Michaela attends UCLA where she is pursuing B.S. for Environmental Science major with a concentration in Systems and Society and minor in Statistics and Data Science. Her favorite color is green and her favorite number is 23 because she was born on the 23rd! Michaela has been instructing online for a year!

Ryan Rich

Ryan is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Ryan coaches FIRST Lego Robotics, and after graduating, he wants to become a Project Lead the Way Engineering teacher! Ryan’s favorite number is 19 because it’s his jersey number for robotics. In his free time, Ryan enjoys 3d printing Star Wars props.

Danial Ludwig

Danial graduated from University of Maryland, College Park, with degrees in Physics and Mathematics. Danial's favorite number is 7 – he chose it in kindergarten and never changed it! In his free time, Danial likes to longboard and play chess!

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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