Mathnasium of Simi Valley Explains Why Having Math Skills is SO Helpful

Sep 15, 2023 | Simi Valley

Q: Tell me about a time when having math skills came in handy

A: Math skills came in handy when I wanted to make sure how much was in my bank account after I bought stuff. Also, the math skills help when applying it to money.

Q: Tell me about a memory you have of learning math

A: I remember in elementary school when my teacher would give multiplication quizzes that were timed, so I would try to do as many problems as fast as possible.

Q: What are some of the benefits of the Mathnasium Method?

A: The benefit of the Mathnasium Method is that it breaks down the process on how to do math as simple as possible. Also, it tries to show the method as a trick for students to remember when solving new problems.

Q: What could Mathnasium have helped you with when you were a student?

A: Mathnasium could have helped in giving me challenging worksheets on what I was already learning in elementary school, since I would have enjoyed the challenge of learning a bit ahead of my classmates. Mathnasium would have also been helpful in learning calculus earlier in high school, so that the college math classes would be easier.

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