Oct 25, 2022 | Snoqualmie Valley

Math is an essential tool for understanding the world around us. That is why you trust your local public schools to give your children a proper math education. Unfortunately, many students have failed to learn math in a meaningful way. A large proportion of students and adults now have math anxiety, and many find math too difficult to grasp. There are many reasons why students struggle in math class but, we will focus on three and how Mathnasium fixes these problems.

Math is Shown as Abstract

“When are we gonna use this in the real world?” This is a phrase that is uttered too often. The fact that this question is even asked means that the education system has failed to properly explain the concept. Math was invented to describe (in countable measurable numbers) the world. Students, however, have disassociated the two believing that math is entirely on paper. At Mathnasium we show students that math is about describing the world. We use measuring tools, fake money, puzzles, and interactive tools to show how math can be used in the world.

Little to no One on One

You may have heard this before but, this issue has a real impact on how receptive students are to math. At your kid’s schools, their teachers will have 20+ students to educate. In their attempt to give each student equal time and attention, your child may be struggling or falling behind. There are too many students for one teacher to handle. At Mathnasium we will have multiple instructors to ensure that each student gets more time and individual attention. Also, multiple instructors mean that there’s a variety in teaching methods.

Math is Repetitive and Boring

Have you ever been in a class where you don’t understand why you need it, you find it difficult to grasp, and it’s incredibly boring? Did you care about understanding the subject or were you interested in passing? This is the dilemma most students face in their math classes today. Children go to school for around 6-7 (Schools and Staffing Survey) hours a day. They do the same thing everyday for about 180 (Schools and Staffing Survey) days a year. In each of those 180 days, students are sat down and told to memorize math facts and processes. It’s boring! Mathnasium helps by incentivizing good work ethic and giving prizes to students who work hard. We have games for students to play and a lighthearted atmosphere. At mathnasium, we offer your kids a fun and extensive math learning experience!

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