Middle School Students' Learning and How Peer Pressure Effects Them

Aug 23, 2017 | South Baton Rouge

Why Some Middle School Kids Act like they Don’t Care about Math

Do you have a middle school student who just doesn’t seem to care about math? It might be just an act.

The middle school math class is a community of learners dedicated to mastering new skills. But the middle school math class is more than that. It is also a group setting for adolescents. The kids watch and judge each other. Middle school can be a rough time as they establish social hierarchies. This peer influence can have both negative and positive effects on the middle schooler’s study habits.

Teens and ‘tweens who feel anxious about math are less likely to participate in math class. They don’t want their classmates to hear them ask a “stupid” question. They don’t want to get teased about getting an answer wrong. Instead of admitting weakness teens and ‘tweens choose to look and act apathetic. Don’t get fooled by the act. They care. Apathy is a defense mechanism to cover up their own insecurities.

Middle school kids in group learning environments behave differently than they do in individual learning environments. They tend to be more focused on learning when their peers are not watching them.


What to do about the Apathetic Attitude

Students who don’t ask for help and actively participate, lose learning opportunities. The apathy costs students the ability to move forward to new math concepts.  Without a strategic intervention, the apathetic student may spiral downward. Therefore, the apathetic act students will not thrive in math class and probably won’t get good grades.

At Mathnasium of South Baton Rouge, middle school children are not in front of their peers. Even if a classmate happens to be here, no one else knows what is on anyone else’s individual learning plan. The classmates may actually forge comradery based on their attendance at Mathnasium of South Baton Rouge.  Plus, our system simply doesn’t let students get by without frequent student/teacher interaction. That gives anxious middle school children the freedom to just work on math mastery without worrying about getting teased or talked about.

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