Krista Adams Owner/Director's Founding Story of Mathnasium of South Charlotte

Jul 27, 2022 | South Charlotte

Mathnasium of South Charlotte wants to introduce you to our Owner, Krista Adams Owner/Director

Q: Why did you choose to own a Mathnasium center? A: I like being able to meet the needs of every student that comes to Mathnasium. That was hard for me to do when I was teaching in a full-classroom setting.

Q: What do you like about the city your Mathnasium center is located in? A: South Charlotte and Union County are growing areas with families committed to their student's education.

Q: Can you think of any way that your center has positively impacted the community that it’s located in? A: We have worked with over 2,800 students in the South Charlotte community since 2006.

Q: Did you like math when you were in grade school? A: Math was not always easy for me in school which is why I understand how many of our students think.

Q: What do you think you would have liked most about Mathnasium if you had attended when you were in grade school? A: I would have loved the encouragement of the instructors, having a comfortable place to do my homework and being taught concepts that my teacher had already moved on from.

Q: One last question, what’s something fun you enjoy doing in South Charlotte? A: Charlotte has the Panthers (NFL), Hornets (NBA), Charlotte FC (MLS), Knights (MiLB), Checkers (MiLH), National White Water Center, many local parks and greenways for those who like sports and the outdoors. "