Who runs the show at Mathnasium of South Escondido? Meet Rachelle Araos

Sep 15, 2023 | South Escondido

Say hello to Rachelle Araos, your local Center Director for Mathnasium of South Escondido!

So, Rachelle, What is your favorite thing to do in the city where your center is located? A: Our city is bustling with new restaurants (wineries, breweries, coffee shops, etc) and it's fun to try each one of them.

What is your favorite Mathnasium success story? A: We have had so many students go from an F to an A but my favorite is always when I see them become more confident of themselves and it starts to change their overall demeanor.

Where’s your favorite place to eat? A: Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens

What’s your favorite kind of math? A: Algebra

What do you like the most about the Mathnasium Method? A: I love that we are meeting the students where they are at instead of forcing them to do Math that they cannot yet do.

Thanks for all you do, Rachelle Araos!
Mathnasium wouldn’t be the same without you.