Tip: Mathnasium Vs. Homework Help

Jan 13, 2020 | South Pasadena

Can Mathnasium help your child with math homework?  Of course!  We're the math experts!

But, that is not all we do, nor is it what we specialize in.  Our speciality is solidifying our student's math foundation and ensuring that they fully understand the concepts that they are learning.  Since most students spend about an hour for each of their sessions at our center, we advise against using that precious time to have us watch your child complete their math homework at our center.  Rather, the students who get the most benefit from our program are the ones who try to complete their math homework before coming in for the session.  By doing it that way, these students come in to Mathnasium with very good questions - specifically on concepts that they might have found confusing, and we'll have the opportunity to discuss such topics and relate them to past knowledge.  Plus, having their homework completed helps to ensure that these students make steady progress through their learning plan that we've created for them.  This leads to long-term success!