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Dan Hintz

Regional Director and Part Owner
Dan has always had a passion for helping people achieve their potential and a calling to teach math. After high school, he earned an Associate of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, before deciding to serve in the military. He served an Air Force tour in Germany as an F-16 fighter jet mechanic and fell in love with the mission and people. He decided to make the Air Force career and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Math at Central Washington University, while attending ROTC. He holds several Master of Science degrees related to his Air Force career. Dan served 22 years in the Air Force, leading thousands of men and women and managing a wide range of logistics programs, including the US President’s Air Force One fleet requirements, and many types of combat aircraft. He retired to spend more time with his wife and 6 children and to begin a lifelong dream of teaching math. He was voted Teacher of the Year by his high school students and earned 100% top ratings as a private tutor. Meanwhile, he was searching for why math seemed so easy to people in other countries, but was such a challenge to many Americans. He found the answer at Mathnasium and immediately joined in helping all students gain a true number sense and life-long confidence in math. He has taught, tutored and coached thousands of youth all his adult life. Dan and his team are committed to helping students grow their math skills and giving them the confidence to be or do whatever they want in life!

Why I love Mathnasium: It's everything a parent could hope for to build a student's confidence... life-changing!!

Reed Brown

Reed has always loved math and enjoys helping kids learn to love math and how to use math in their daily lives. Reed earned a BS of Electrical Engineering degree from Brigham Young University and a Masters of Business Administration degree at Boise State University. Reed has spent over 25 years as a successful engineering and operations executive at Hewlett Packard, Quantum, and Iomega. In 2004, he decided to test his entrepreneurial skills and created Matchbin (now Radiate Media), a successful internet software company. Reed worked for Hewlett Packard in Boise for 15 years where he raised his family. Reed loves the Boise area and felt that by opening a Math Learning Center in the Treasure Valley he could give back to the community where his kids grew up. Reed opened his first Mathnasium in Utah in January, 2013 and his team has helped over 1500 students improve their grades and increase their confidence in math.

Isabella Sanchez

I have taken AP Calculus and Precalculus. I am involved in ENLACE Program, Science Bowl, Inventeams, Drama Club, and Track and Field. I have tutored in math and science for National Honor Society. I enjoy reading, cardio and drawing people.

Fun Fact: I was not born in the US.

Favorite Number:strong> 57

Education: Senior at Bishop Kelly High School

Why I love Mathnasium: Math is one of my favorite subjects in school and I love spreading that joy to other people.

Bridget Mason

I have taken Pre-calculus, Calculus BC, and Statistics. I am involved in Drum Major in band, President of HOSA, member of NHS, 3rd place in Snow Team for Intermediate Snowboarding, Varsity Soccer, and a Sports Med student. I have been a piano tutor, ref for grassroots soccer, park service member at Roaring Springs, painter for Boise School District, and have volunteered in Lions Den after school. I enjoy rollerblading, reading, playing piano, and watching movies.

Fun Fact: I love doing aerial silks and acrobatics

Favorite Number:strong> 18, it's a great age to be, and the year when my brother left the house for the first time, so it was the last year my family was all together.

Education: I am a senior at Borah High School I will graduate in May of 2024. I want to go to BYU and study Physical or Occupational Therapy

Why I love Mathnasium: I love the moment when a finally understands a concept and their eyes light up, it's so exciting seeing others learn more and to be able to help them learn in a fun, safe environment.

Gennivyve Williams

Calculus 3 was probably the hardest math class I ever took and it was also the last math class thar was required for my degree. However, this course taught me that it was okay to not understand something in math at first and that through hard work and determination you can always get better. I appreciated how this course pushed me as a student to be the best I can be and it taught me what I would like in an instructor which I believe helps me to be a better tutor. I was part of the national honors society in high school and was also on their soccer team. I believe that getting good grades and working hard on school work translates fantastically to a great work ethic in sports, work, and clubs. I have always helped friends informally in high school with math as well as college. I really enjoyed thus and have always wanted to, at least once, experience a job where I could help people learn math. I enjoy being in the chemistry lab I work in, reading, playing with my three cats, and spending time with my friends.

Fun Fact: I love the color lavender.

Favorite Number:strong> My favorite number is 21. I like this number because it is an odd number composed of odd factors. I like it because it isn't prime and I like how it sounds when you say it.

Education: I go to Boise State University, and I am pursuing a Bachelors of Chemistry. I am currently a senior and plan on graduating in the spring of 2024.

Why I love Mathnasium: I enjoy helping people in general, and I particularly enjoy helping kids learn. Especially elementary math since it is so important.

Melissa Bowlden

I have taken College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, College Statistics and Calculus l. While in high school, I participated in the theatre arts, the dance team, and the Ecology club. I was awarded hardest worker for my time on the high school dance team. Our team competed in the USA nationals and placed in multiple categories. It was a great high school experience. I have experience tutoring for the Boise School District as an AVID tutor. While I tutored in all academic subjects, most tutorial questions were math and math-based science questions. Many of the students I worked with in the district gained confidence and a greater understanding of the subjects we worked on. I have also done demonstrations at educational conferences and STEM camps for new ways of learning and teaching math at all levels. My hobbies include playing games with my kids, camping, reading, cooking, charcoal drawing, listening to podcasts, and listening to music.

Fun Fact: I love dry British humor.

Favorite Number:strong> My favorite number is seven because, for some odd reason, it feels like a comfortable number.

Education: I went to the College of Western Idaho, where I received my Associate in Liberal Arts (2013-2016), and Boise State University for my Bachelor of Science in Biology (2016-2018). I graduated from Boise State University in 2018.

Why I love Mathnasium: While gaining my education for my bachelor's degree, I found a love of math. I went from a child who thought mathematics was a foreign language to an adult who reads that language and enjoys any new challenges in the art of math. I hope to encourage a love for the subject and all it has to offer in daily life.

Julia Melchert

I took Algebra I/II, Geometry, and AP Calculus AB in high school, and I've taken Calculus II, Statistics for Engineers, and Discrete Math in college. Now, I'm taking Linear Algebra -- even as a senior in college, I'm still learning more about math! I'm part of Boise State University's Division I Gymnastics team! I've done gymnastics for 13 years, so doing college gymnastics was always one of my biggest dreams growing up. Aside from gymnastics, I've participated in lots of extracurriculars like National Honor Society, Key Club, App Development Club, Society of Women Engineers, and Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. One of my proudest academic accomplishments is that I've always had a 4.0 GPA! In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing video games, crocheting, and hanging out with friends. My favorite books are mystery books and my favorite video games are cozy games like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley.

Fun Fact: I have a pet cat named Max! I adopted him two years ago when he was 10 years old, so he spends most of his days napping.

Favorite Number:strong> My favorite number is 13 because that's my team number for gymnastics! I chose it because it's my grandma's lucky number.

Education: I plan to graduate from Boise State University in May 2025 with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Applied Data Science. Previously, I attended Oregon State University for three years, where I also studied Computer Science, and before that, I graduated from Rogers High School in 2020!

Why I love Mathnasium: I like working at Mathnasium because I enjoy helping others and building their academic confidence. Mathnasium is the perfect environment for this because of their proven techniques and learning structure.

Ian Putnam

I have taken Calculus 1,2, and 3, AP Statistics, Probability and Statistics 1, Computational Statistics, Differential Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Mathematical Proofs and Methods, and Intro to Programming in Math. In high school, I was a leader of Chamber Choir and Drama Club. I also played on the golf team in my Freshman year. I have tutored many of my peers throughout the conventional schooling system. I have continued to tutor other high school students throughout college. I love to play video games and board games. I like to sing and I like to hang out with my fiancé and our two kittens.

Fun Fact: I once played the role of Mother Superior in a musical about nuns!

Favorite Number:strong> Pi, because it gives me an excuse to have dessert on one day in the year.

Education: I am currently going to Boise State University studying Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in statistics in my second year.

Why I love Mathnasium: Mathnasium is a super fun place where children are taught Mathematics in a personalized way. I have always loved helping people out with mathematics and that is precisely what I get to do here!

Eddie Franco

In college, I took many math classes in Algebra, calculus, statistics, differential equations, linear algebra, and computational mathematics. I currently practice Judo and was on the wrestling team before that. At Boise State I was part of the autonomous robotics team for a year, I interned on a NASA project, I worked in a Geophysics lab, and played volleyball. I worked in a maker space and sometimes got to teach classes on design thinking, 3D printing, resin printing, CNC, and laser engraving. I enjoy Fly fishing, woodworking, volleyball, Judo, playing my harmonica, and rock hunting.

Fun Fact: I sailed across the Mediterranean Sea on a marine geology expedition.

Favorite Number:strong> 17 because prime numbers are cool

Education: I went to Boise High and then Boise State University, I majored in Earth Science (Geophysics) and Anthropology with an Applied math minor. I am currently looking for graduate schools in applied oceanography, or marine engineering

Why I love Mathnasium: I like helping students develop confidence in themselves and their mathematical abilities. In the future after I’ve done everything I want to do I would like to retire as a math or science teacher.

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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