Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.


Chief Operations Officer
Sara is a 2022 graduate of Gonzaga University where she studied Criminology and Psychology. She hopes to be a Juvenile Psychologist and work with kids in the foster care system. In her free time she loves playing with her dog, reading, and exploring Spokane! Sara loves working with the students at Mathnasium everyday, watching them grow their mathematical talents as well as their personalities. Nothing beats watching a student have that 'aha' moment after understanding a concept.


North Center Director
Sammy is a graduate of Mt. Spokane High School and completed her AA through the Running Start program at Spokane Community College. She's been in advanced math classes and clubs since elementary school, and helps out with Math Is Cool events around the area. Math has always been her strong subject, and she loves teaching others and helping them understand the problems and concepts they just don't get. When not at work, Sammy spends her time playing video games, going for walks, drawing, or listening to/making music. She plays for a slowpitch softball team in the summers with her family and friends, and spends many weekends dog-sitting for her many relatives! Her career goal is to become a pediatric nurse and continue serving young children.


South Center Director
Katrina has been a teacher for over 20 years! She graduated summa cum laude with a bachelors in education and earned a masters degree with distinction in integrated curriculum. While in school, Katrina had a teacher who helped math finally "make sense". This fueled her passion to help others feel successful in math. Outside of teaching, her hobbies include traveling, making stained glass, and quilting. She is also currently learning Spanish and knows American sign language!


Valley Center Director
Caty has her Master's degree in Public Health education from Benedictine University. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from Illinois State University. As a kid she struggled with algebra the most. Math did not come easily to her, but in college she took a social statistics class where she learned she is great at stats. She looks forward to enhancing her algebra skills through the training provided at Mathnasium. Outside of work she enjoys dancing, practicing yoga, baking, hiking, and doing anything outdoors/active. Traveling is her favorite. She has been to forty of the fifty states and recently relocated to Washington from Illinois.


Assistant Operations Officer
Jasmine graduated from Gonzaga University with dual degrees in Sport Management and Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Management Information Systems. Jasmine loves math because there are many different ways to solve for the solution of a problem. She believes that math is important because it is a part of everything we do. She wants to help students understand math by teaching it in a way that they can resonate with and easily understand. Her hobbies include traveling, watching sports, and spending time with her friends and family.


Assistant Center Director
Addie is a sophomore at Eastern Washington University who is studying nursing with a minor in Chemistry. This has been her plan since she was 4 years old! She loves mathematics and providing confidence to those who need it, so her job here at Mathnasium is a perfect fit! Also, her sister works at Mathnasium of Spokane South! Addie comes from a large family and has moved all over the state, residing in almost every major city. She was an all-league volleyball player in high school, and still loves to play into college. She also loves motorcycles and will be getting her license soon!


Marketing Specialist
Jensen is a senior at Gonzaga University studying Applied Mathematics and Statistics with a minor in General Business. He was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington, and he loves living near the ocean and mountains. In his free time, Jensen enjoys hiking, kayaking, skiing, and running as well as playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. Ever since he was little, Jensen has loved numbers and math. This love combined with his enthusiasm for sports has resulted in a dream to become a sports statistician and analyst. However, he loves his work at Mathnasium and working with children and has begun to consider becoming a math teacher!


Lead Instructor
Kenny has a Bachelors in Mathematics from Gonzaga and a Masters in Mathematics from WSU. He plans on pursuing a teaching career and may go on to get a PHD in Pure Mathematics. Kenny dreams to work for the NSA! Kenny loves exploring math concepts with students and help everyone learn. In his free time, he loves watching sports!


Lead Instructor
Sophia is a junior at Western Washington University where she's pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management. The program includes courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, finance, and accounting so it's good thing she loves working with numbers! Sophie graduated cum laude from Lewis and Clark High School and was a member of the Mt. Spokane Ski Race team. Her hobbies include photography, traveling, video games and skiing.


Lead Instructor
Gus is a recent graduate of Whitworth University where he studied Secondary Education and Mathematics. He takes great pride in his education and it shows as he earned the Outstanding Mathematics Education during his time in school. In fact, Gus graduated Summa Cum Laude from Whitworth and earned the President's Cup for his 4.0 GPA! Gus has long been interested in teaching since high school and he is excited to combine that desire with his math skills here at Mathnasium. Gus already has a few years of experience under his belt teaching math and he is excited to continue! Outside of teaching, Gus is an avid fan of video games, music, and Lego's. Fun fact, he has been building a Lego collection for the past 10 years!


Hannah finished two years at SFCC of Mechanical Engineering and Theoretical Physics. She took Physics and Engineering classes all through high school and had completed Calc 2 before entering college! Hannah has always helped her family build out on their farm. She is interested in pursuing Architecture in the future, in order to bring beaty back into modern construction! For now, she loves learning and helping the families of Mathnasium. In her free time, Hannah loves to walk with her husband and two dogs, and crochet everything you can imagine.


Wendy is a senior at Vanderbilt University (Anchor Down!) in Nashville, TN studying Elementary Education and Secondary Language Studies with a minor in music. She grew up in Spokane and graduated from Ferris High School in 2020. Wendy is a member of her university’s running club, plays flute in the wind ensemble, and is a tour guide for prospective students. In her free time, she loves hiking, trying out new restaurants in Nashville, and petting dogs. At Mathnasium, she loves exploring different ways to learn math concepts and celebrating the diversity of thought behind students’ problem-solving methods.


Connor is a student at Whitworth University studying elementary education. He graduated from Tahoma High School in the West Seattle area. As a younger student, Connor struggled with math but learned to love it and develop a passion to teach it to others from his high school mentor program. Outside of becoming a teacher he is a cross country and track runner. When is isn't working out you can find him playing some guitar and hanging out with friends.


Jasmine is a student Oregon State University majoring in biology on the pre-med track. She graduated from Ferris High School Summa Cum Laude and enjoys rock climbing, reading, and baking in her free time. She loves spending time with her family, friends, and husky. She also really enjoys working with kids and helping others get better at math.


Brooke was born in raised in Moses Lake, Washington. While in high school, she was a member of Mu Alpha Theta (commonly known as math honor society) and an avid member of her school's math team. Brooke earned her AA in Arts & Sciences at Big Bend Community College before transferring to Gonzaga University, where she is now studying Special Education. She says she loves teaching math because it provides the building blocks to explanations about day-to-day life problems (ex: money, percentages, rates). She says she also just loves the look on a student's face when something "clicks" and they understand a new topic!


Norah is an undergraduate student at Gonzaga University studying nursing. Originally from Boston, she was drawn to Spokane by the outdoors and more relaxed lifestyle. Math wasn’t always the easiest for her, but she had teachers that helped her find joy in solving equations and now she loves math! Norah hopes to be someone who can change a student's perspective on math for the those at Mathnasium!


Anna is a senior at Lewis and Clark High School. She struggled a little bit with math early on but now loves problem solving and working through tough equations. She also enjoys working with kids and helping them through their math journey! In the future, Anna hopes to continue her education at the University of Washington. Anna loves trying new things and participates in cheerleading and tennis with her high school. Outside of school and work, she loves the outdoors - whether it's skiing, hiking, or swimming! She is also an avid concert-goer and loves to see her favorite bands perform live.


Jaelyn is a senior at Whitworth University studying Business Management with a concentration in Accounting. Math has always been one of her favorite subjects. In her job at Mathnasium, she is able to help others succeed in their education journey by incorporating her love for service with her aptitude in math! Outside of school and work, Jaelyn loves to hang out with friends, play with her dogs, and explore new places to eat!


Elijah who grew up in Ephrata Washington is a recent graduate of Gonzaga University where he studied Mathematics. One day with his degree, Elijah hopes to become a Data Scientist or Simulation Engineer. Math has always been one of Elijah's strong suits and he loves working at Mathnasium because it gives the chance to "make a daunting subject understandable and fun!". In addition to being a math wizard, Elijah has five siblings and is an avid Arsenal soccer fan.


Gwen is from Kahului Hawaii and travelled overseas to attend Gonzaga University where she is currently studying Biochemistry. Once she graduates, she looks forward to attending medical school where she will develop the skills needed for her future career. Outside of the math and science world, Gwen is an extremely talented musician. She can play four instruments including the saxophone, clarinet, ukulele, and piano. Gwen is super excited to be working at Mathnasium because she loves math and loves working with kids!


Marketing Specialist
Ainsley is a Gonzaga graduate with an Applied Math major and Art minor. She also graduated from the Oaks in 2020 and was the math Spokane scholar from her class. Outside of work and school, she loves to hike, golf, draw, and play with her dog. She also loves to travel and has been to 5 different countries.


Eliza is a senior at Lewis and Clark High School who is taking AP Calculus as well as Statistics, and is even participating in math competitions. She says she likes to refer to herself as a math wizard. Eliza is from Spokane, and when she is not doing statistics for fun, you can find her in the local woods and nature, or exploring the Selkirk mountains with her dad. Eliza also loves animals and likes to share random animal facts with any willing listeners.


Allison is a sophomore at Gonzaga University studying human physiology with hopes of becoming a physical therapist. She graduated from Medical Lake High School and earned the Spokane Scholar award for mathematics. Math has always been her favorite subject in school, and problem solving has always come naturally. Outside of school and Mathnasium, she loves to run, bike, swim, or do anything outdoors.


Claire is a senior at Lewis and Clark High School. She plans to attend college next year to study Bioengineering or Physics. She took AP Calculus her junior year of high school and is currently taking AP Statistics. Since she was young , she always loved learning and saw math as the best language to understanding how the world works. Claire loves working with kids and helping them become the best mathematicians she can. Outside of math, Claire loves to read, play piano, draw, rock climb, and hike. She also enjoys collecting vinyl records, especially 70's and 80's rock albums!


Charlie is a sophomore at Gonzaga University studying Chemistry and Math. They graduated from Sumner High School after completing two years of full IB. Their subject of focus in the IB program was math, and they've always loved and excelled in it! When not at Mathnasium, Charlie is drumming for the Gonzaga jazz band, or cross stitching their favorite video game characters!


Emily is a Senior at Gonzaga University studying Biology on the pre-med track. She is from Bothell, Washington and has previously graduated from Edmonds University with her AA degree. Emily has always found subjects in STEM, especially math to be extremely fascinating. In her free time Emily plays the Trombone for the Gonzaga bulldog band.


Valerie is a freshman at Whitworth University studying physics and is hoping to go into astronomy or astrophysics. She graduated as valedictorian from Cheney High School after taking many AP and honors courses. She has loved math all her life and is happy to be able to help other kids learn to love it too. In her free time, Valerie loves hanging out with friends, playing the flute, and being outside. She couldn't plan a better day than one by the lake with amazing friends.


Daniel is a freshman at Gonzaga University studying accounting. He graduated from Gonzaga Preparatory School with 25 university credits obtained through taking AP courses at various colleges. From a young age, Daniel had struggled in math, but in junior high something changed and he began to love it, even taking upper level math classes. Outside of work, Daniel plays volleyball, explores Spokane, and have movie marathon nights with friends. Feel free to ask Daniel about any volleyball or movie questions, he is always excited to answer!


Jane is a student at Gonzaga Prep and is a member of the Gonzaga Prep honor roll and National Honors Society. She is currently taking AP World History and College-in-the-Classroom Chemistry through the University of Washington. She has always loved expanding her knowledge around math, and is excited to be able to spread her love of math to kids. Outside of education, she loves tennis, skiing, and spending summers at the lake.


Brynn is a freshman at Whitworth University thinking about going into the math department. She graduated from Innovation High School School at 17 years old and was 1 of 4 valedictorians in her class. She took 4 of of the 7 offered international Baccalaureate diploma program classes in her junior and senior years. Brynn has enjoyed math throughout her life, and hopes to share that joy with students. Other than math, Brynn loves making and serving coffee, theatre, singing, dancing, playing board games, being with animals, camping, spending time with friends and family, and sitting on the couch with her pets to watch a show. Brynn also loves Minecraft and and lots of other games and activities.


George is a junior at Gonzaga University majoring in economics and minoring in biology. He graduated from San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara where he loved learning about math and working with numbers. Outside of school, he likes to snowboard, surf, skateboard, bike, and hike. At Gonzaga, George is also involved in athletics, playing for the Club Rugby team.


Alexa is a freshman at Gonzaga University studying computer science. She graduated from Billings Central Catholic High School as salutatorian and has been counting everything her whole life, so math has always come easily to her. Alexa loves all animals and has a dog named Leo and a horse named Tink. In addition to her pets, Alexa loves adventuring, especially in nature. This adventurous spirit has contributed to her skiing on both water and snow from which she has many fun stories to tell.




Taliya is a senior at Whitworth University studying mathematics and theology. She graduated from Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, OR in 2021 as valedictorian and has been on Provost's Honor Roll every semester so far at Whitworth while being a student athlete. Growing up Taliya always loved puzzles and problem solving. She enjoyed the challenges math provided and the skills developed through learning to overcome adversities faced. Mathnasium has been a great place for her to continue to growing these skills and help teach them to kids as well. Outside of school and Mathnasium, Taliya loves anything outdoors. She likes to run, hike, ski, and play soccer. She also loves to find things to explore and has many fun stories of adventures on runs or hikes and some stories from soccer too.


Carter is a senior at Gonzaga University studying Mathematics. After graduating, he plans on attending graduate school to pursue a PhD in applied mathematics. Carter has always been passionate about pushing himself in math and took several college math classes while in high school (Calc 1, 2, & 3) and has all A's in his math classes at Gonzaga. He shares that there were times when math felt hard to him, but with good instruction and dedication, it made sense and he excelled in it. This is something he hopes to share with students at Mathnasium. Outside of doing math, Carter enjoys spending his free time climbing, biking, baking, and writing music. Doing good math helps when trying to make good bread!

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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