Mathnasium Of Steiner Ranch is bursting to tell you about our instructor, Jeanne Bair!

Oct 13, 2022 | Steiner Ranch

Jeanne Bair is one of our elite instructors at Mathnasium Of Steiner Ranch,

whose job it is to teach kids to feel confident and become successful in math. We interviewed Jeanne to give you a sneak peak of how great she is:

So, Jeanne, What do you love most about teaching here?
A: " I am loving the interaction of working with children again, and seeing the lightbulb of learning shine bright as the understanding permeates in the glow on their face! I GET IT they often say and that is rewarding to hear as they go ahead and do more work. A child experiencing understanding and success is the greatest reward for me.

If I was to catch you at your favorite local restaurant, what would it be and what would you order?
A: I actually love to have my housemate's 3 great grandchildren ages 7,9 and 13, over to my house for a movie weekend and to chill out! I cherish that time with them as they were taken away from their mother 3 years ago

What is your favorite place to go on the weekend?
A: I love to rent a house at the coast for R&R

Tell me that last movie you saw and enjoyed.
A: I am a movie buff and love the Hallmark channel. I love Sandra Bullocks move The blindside. I watch it over and over.