Where Are They Now? Catching up with previous Mathnasium of Steiner Ranch students

Nov 22, 2022 | Steiner Ranch

Hello from Mathnasium of Steiner Ranch! Today we want to introduce you to one of our previous students, Leon Hegelich.

Leon attended Mathnasium of Steiner Ranch from Leon attended in the summers of 2012 to 2017 and during the school year from 2020 to 2022.

Q: Do you remember what brought you into Mathnasium of Steiner Ranch for the first time? A: Leon came into Mathnasium because of a Summer Math Camp.

Q: How did enrolling in Mathnasium affect your academic future? A: It allowed Leon to get better and faster at math and also boosted his grades. Knowing how math worked allowed Leon to work better.

Q: Do you still use the math you learned at Mathnasium of Steiner Ranch today? A: Leon still uses the Mathnasium Method in class.

Q: So, where are you now? A: Currently, Leon works at Mathnasium. As a former Mathnasium student, Leon finds it easier to understand how current students feel and how he can to support them.

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