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Derek W.

When Derek was applying for a job as a tutor at Mathnasium, he was asked "why would you be a good math tutor?" Derek replied, "math is the family business." Derek than went on to explain that since both his mom and dad are tenured professors of math and engineering at UW Madison, the bar for academic performance "was set high." It is safe to say that Derek "cleared the bar," graduating from Middleton HS., with a perfect GPA (4.0) and a perfect score on the ACT (36). His high school math studies included completing Calculus ABC at Middleton High and taking college level math courses on the UW campus his junior and senior years. Derek gained tutoring experience his senior year by auditing high school math classes and serving as an in class tutor for his classmates. In an effort to avoid being type casted as a math nerd, Derek also played a little soccer in high school. His achievements as a soccer player include being: selected 1st team All-State, voted conference soccer Player of the Year, nominated for Wisconsin Gatorade player of the year, and setting his high school's record for goals scored. Derek will be attending Brown University to study Applied Mathematics and playing Ivy League soccer on Brown's Varsity soccer team.

Theresa N.

Theresa is from Barrington, Il, just outside of Chicago. Theresa's high school offered a curriculum designed to allow students interested in a teaching career, to select courses specific to child development and the teaching profession. As a participant in this curriculum, Theresa was able to work as a teacher's aid at a local grade school. This experience proved to Theresa that she wanted to become a elementary/middle school teacher. Theresa is currently a junior at UW Madison, enrolled as a Elementary Education major with minors in Mathematics and Environmental Studies. As an education major, Theresa's teaching experiences while at UW include; spending a semester abroad as an Education USA Intern Teacher in Ecuador, volunteering through World Relief USA as a 1st thru 4th grade tutor to Afghan refugees, and a 3rd thru 5th grade teacher's aid at University Avenue Discovery Center in Madison. Theresa is an avid environmentalist. She has volunteered and worked for organizations that promote the improvement of the habitat. Theresa has worked for RED Agroforestry in Guatemala to support prudent land use, volunteered as a member of Badger Volunteers in land maintenance projects in the Madison area and is currently a Campus Ambassador for the Peace Corps. Theresa experience as a teacher's aid and tutor combined with her desire to teach professionally have made her one of Mathnasium's most sought after Instructors. Students are always excited to have a chance to work with "Ms T."

Elise H.

Elise is from Middleton, WI and is a graduate of Middleton High School. While at Middleton High Elise established herself as a top student (3.98 gpa) propelling her to be recognized as a member of the National Honors Society. Her accomplishments as a math student enabled Elise to complete Calculus ABC and participate in Madison area high school's "Youth Options" program. Youth Options participants travel to UW Madison's campus during the student's junior and senior years to complete college level math courses. Elise successfully completed Linear Algebra and Advanced Calculus at UW while at Middleton High. Elise's volunteer activities while in high school, included being a member of "Family, Career and Community Leaders of America" (FCCLA). Elise was involved in activities designed to serve FCCLA's mission to support families on Madison's west side. Elise was also a volunteer lab assistant at UW's Eldridge Laboratory. She supported the lab's research of lung disease. Her work at Eldridge confirmed Elise's interest in pursuing a career as a doctor. In addition to academic and volunteer activities, Elise also found time to swim. As a three year member of the Middleton H.S. women's varsity swim team, Elise captained the 2016 Middleton H.S. team, which won the 2016 team state championship. Elise now attends Kenyon College in Ohio. She is pursing a Bio-Chem degree with a pre-med career track. And.....she is a member of Kenyon College's nationally renown D-3 varsity swim team. We look forward to having Elise as an Instructor during her college breaks.

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What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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