A Year at Mathnasium of Surprise!

Jan 16, 2024 | Surprise

Q: What was your favorite math-success memory of 2023?

A: Joseph is a relatively new student. He has been with us for only a few months, and with the help of Mathnasium, he now likes math. He is even considering a career that includes math!

Emory joined our team this year. She loves that we brought back game nights. Watching the students come in and showing them that math is fun is very important!

Q: Tell us about a student who really worked hard in 2023

A: Eleni has been with us for over a year, and she has been working so hard on her learning plan. In 2023, she finally leveled up! Her homework grades have been improving greatly throughout the semester. She has also completed her multiplication fluency!

Q: What have you noticed about your student’s math ability this year?

A: Mathnasium has given my daughter so much confidence in herself. She loves coming in and working with the instructors! They are so good to her and answer any question that she has on her math. Even her teacher has noticed a difference in class in such a short time. -DM

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