Mathnasium@home Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

May 17, 2020 | Temple City



What is Mathnasium@home?

Mathnasium@home is an online learning tool that gives us the power to provide real-time face-to-face Math instruction with students via an online collaboration platform. The learning experience is strikingly similar to how they would study normally, at our Center.

Please visit for more information.

How will Mathnasium@home be delivered to students?
All Mathnasium@home sessions will be delivered via zoom. Zoom is now equipped with end-to-end encryption and we will ensure each session is password protected.

What systems are supported for Mathnasium@home?
Any laptop or desktop with Windows operating system or Mac with internet access can be used. Tablet such as iPad can also be used, with limited feature and annotation capabilities.

Do we need any other equipment?

Headphone, Mic and Webcam - In order to reduce distraction, we recommend students using any basic or noise cancelling headphone with mic. Webcam, if not built in, is recommended. These will help them to interact with instructors in a holistic manner while working on math problems.

Do students work same curriculum in Mathnasium@home as we do at our center?
Yes, students will work on same prescriptive(PKs), Work books, focus-on's, homework and even test preparation from the comfort of home. They will work with instructors in real time in the same way they work at our center.

How will students get help with homework and test preparations?
We will provide a shared folder where parents/ students can upload either scanned copy or picture of their school material and we will get that on the online screen where the student will work with the instructors online, similar to how they would work at our center. Alternatively, please reach out to us [email protected] to send us details on assignments/homework/projects. 

How will student get instructors attention when needed while working online via Mathnasium@home?
While instructors will constantly be checking each student similar to how they do in center, if students need attention, there are multiple ways to seek that. They can use the wave (hand icon) inside the zoom interface. This will alert the instructors. Also, students could chat with instructor when they have questions which instructors can reply. Also, they are connected via head phones to explain things in detail. Remember; our ratios will be lower! Most of the @home session will be 1:1 and up to 2:1 (student to instructor ratio).

Are students expected to complete entire workbook in same session in Mathnasium@Home?
No, similar to how the students work on pages in their own pace, they will continue to work online. They will have the ability to continue in subsequent sessions from exactly where they left off (similar to their in-center experience). 

Can students use Mathnasium@home along with learning at our center?
We recommend Mathnasium@home for any family where students will be away and not be able to join us in person at the center. This online platform will enable them to continue the learning process and stay on track on their math skills. During COVID-19 stay home order, we will track the students progress in their virtual binder. Once the stay home order is lifted, we will seamlessly transfer any progress from their virtual binder into their physical binder to ensure no progress is left behind. Each student will have their own dedicated and tailored virtual and physical binder.

Can parents schedule siblings at the same time?
If there are multiple students per household, we recommend they do their hour sessions from 2 different computers/laptops/tablets. They could be scheduled at the same exact hour or different - depending on the students availability. We will utilize Zoom's breakout room to ensure each student will have their own privacy during the one-on-one opportunity.

How do we schedule Mathnasium@home?
You can either pick a fixed schedule (during COVID-19 stay home order) or schedule ahead of time to reserve your spot.

Should we be slightly more patient, as this tool is rolled out and everyone gets acclimatized with this new tool?

Absolutely, YES!  And I am completely sure you will. Please be aware that this system had an accelerated rollout and is brand new for all of us, and will be a learning experience for you, your children, our instructors and staff. The accelerated roll-out also means that we may have some small bumps along the road. I am very confident, with your active support, we will get this to be a productive tool that will serve a great purpose during this school break and beyond.


We thank you for your support, patience and passion for making a difference in your child's Math skills. We are committed as always to make a difference in your child's life and make math make sense for them. 


Kind regards, 

Mathnasium of Temple City

[email protected]