Great Foundation by Mathnasium for 4-6 years old

Jan 16, 2021 | Trinity-New Port Richey

An Early Start in Math Can Change The Course Of Your Child's Life.

Right Math Foundation for 4 - 6 Years Olds

Research shows that an early start in math can transform a child’s future.1 Mathnasium’s Great Foundations program gives young children the critical thinking and problem solving skills they need to unlock their potential. We build these skills through caring, faceto- face instruction, specifically tailored to a child’s learning stage. We’ve carefully selected topics that build upon each other along a continuum, laying the groundwork
for Numerical Fluency and other concepts encountered later in school. And by making math engaging and fun, we cultivate a child’s love of learning while also developing their ability to work independently. Great
Foundations students not only gain confidence in math, they gain confidence for overall academic achievement. 

The Mathnasium MethodTM

The proven Mathnasium Method™ builds the foundation for math mastery through deep understanding, with outcomes far superior to programs that rely on drilling or rote memorization. With a very low student-to-instructor ratio, each child receives the individual attention they need to learn best. Great Foundations combines our timetested techniques with a curriculum custom-built for early learners. It offers:
A Multifaceted Evaluation
• Conducted by specially trained instructional staff
• Including fun activities, written curriculum, and manipulatives
• Identifying your child’s preferred learning style(s)
• Determining program readiness and placement
• Administered regularly to guide program updates

Individualized Learning Approach
• Building upon existing knowledge and adding new concepts in sequence
• Combining mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written teaching methods
• Adapted to any learning style
• Ensuring foundational strength with proprietary materials and instruction 

Experts with a Passion for Teaching Children
• Providing caring, face-to-face instruction
• Teaching at the perfect pace for each child
• Using Socratic questioning to foster critical thinking and independence
• Building confidence through compassion and encouragement

We’re the authority on math education. Teaching math isn’t just what we do; it’s all we do.


Learning Outcomes

Children who consistently attend Mathnasium enjoy a transformative learning experience and make tremendous strides in comprehension, confidence, and future school grades. Great Foundations graduates will acquire skills in 10 mathematical building blocks:

  1. Attributes — Determining objects’ similarities and differences, qualitatively and quantitatively
  2. Spatial Relationships — Understanding relative position of objects
  3. Classification — Sorting objects into different groups by their attributes
  4. Patterning — Recognizing interconnections among objects and with numbers
  5. One-to-One Correspondence — Connecting number values to the quantities of objects
  6. Ordering — Classifying objects by attribute, relative position, or comparative value
  7. Numeration — Bridging the gap between the number-object connection and arithmetic
  8. Shapes — Understanding how geometric shapes fit into 2- and 3-dimensional space
  9. Half — Comprehending the fundamental idea that half means “two parts the same”
  10. Measurement — Using language to describe the world quantitatively 

Graduates can easily transition to Mathnasium’s programs for older children. Multiple independent studies of school-age children found that Mathnasium improves performance on standards-based tests in 20 sessions or fewer.

1Greg J. Duncan, et al.,”School Readiness and Later Achievement,” Developmental Psychology, 2007. 2Hank Pellissier, “Why early math is just as important as early reading,” Great Schools, 2015.