The Rewards of Mathnasium of Union City

Apr 15, 2024 | Union City

Q: How has Mathnasium motivated your child?

Parent 1: Mathnasium has motivated my child through their rewards system. The higher ticket items gives them incentive to accumulate and save their cards for the bigger items.

Parent 2: Mathnasium has been a game changer. My daughter has been taking class at this Mathanasium center for a few months now. She loves the curriculum, fun based learning environment and all teachers. She eagerly looks forward to her classes every week. Her math skills have improved significantly and I will enthusiastically recommend this program to parents!

Q: What do you find rewarding about your child’s experience at Mathnasium?

Parent 1: What I find rewarding about my child's experience at Mathnasium is the increased confidence my child has gained from all the celebrated successes he has.

Parent 2: Increased love for math!

Q: If you were a student at Mathnasium, what reward would you want to earn?

Instructor 1: If I were a student at Mathnasium, the reward I would want are the squishmallows!

Instructor 2: I would want higher test scores!

Q: What are you working toward right now?

Student 1: I want to earn the Pokemon cards and games in the rewards cabinet!

Student 2: I am working for pokemon booster packs!

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