Insights from a Mathnasium of Walnut Creek Instructor

May 24, 2023 | Walnut Creek

1. What is the most common thing you see in new students coming to Mathnasium for the first time?

A: We see students make mistakes on material they know because they haven't practiced it in quite some time. This doesn't mean they didn't try on the assessment, it's just how memory works.

2. If there was one thing you could tell parents before they bring their student to Mathnasium what would it be?

A: We don't give home work from Mathnasium.

3. What things do the most successful students have in common?

A: The most successful students recognize that their efforts have a real effect on their lives and education.

4. What are some of the ways you teach math to your students?

A: Mathnasium of Walnut Creek is very responsive in tailoring the curriculum to the needs of each individual student.

5. What do you think is the coolest thing about Mathnasium?

A: The coolest thing about working at Mathnasium is definitely opening doors for our students in their life. Many students go from troubling grades in math to joining the advanced group or class at their school.