Mathnasium Family

Nov 30, 2021 | West Lexington

I am sure we all have had times where we were not sure if the sun was going to come up in the morning, nor were we sure how to make it through the day when it did come up. There have been times like that for me, especially during the last 20 months or so. At least I thought there had been tough times.  You see, I was truly changed as a person a couple of months ago with a COVID battle, of which I am still feeling some effects, and the silent birth of my son, Charles.  I have never understood grief and pain before going through these recent trials.  However, the grief and pain of my journey is not what I want to share with you today.  I want to share about some people who have been like the sun, like a shining light, to me and my family over the past couple of months.


There have been so many who have impacted my family in a massive way from the incredible abundance of food, cards, calls, and other items showing a powerful love and care for us.  From so many who are family, some blood family and some life family, who have without a second thought come to our sides and been pillars for us to lean on.  From my co-workers at MLK who through their support and generosity have allowed me to grieve with Jess these past couple of months.  From many people in my past who have reached out with some incredibly thoughtful and precious gifts.


Right now, I am thinking now of my team, my family, at Mathnasium.  I am humbled and grateful for the sacrifices, time, and incredible effort you made to serve our wonderful students.  First of all, I have to mention Sandy, you ran our center for several weeks with no help from me.  I have learned of some of the difficulties you faced during my time away, but you were so caring to not put extra burdens on me during a time when I was literally fighting for my next breath.  You not only just kept things running, you continued to bring in new students at record levels for us.  You sacrificed your time, stress levels and kept doing the jobs of multiple people. But I am not surprised, because you have given yourself to our center for more than five years in the same way each and every day.  I have told some that Mathnasium should have a Center Director of the Year award and that I will fight anyone who says you are not deserving of this award!!  Thank you.


To my staff at our center, whether you have been working recently or unable to work, I am so grateful.  The words thank you seem woefully inadequate in expressing my gratitude.  I am humbled that you would come to work knowing you needed to do the work of two people every shift for weeks.  The fact that you stayed and sacrificed so much for our kids tells me how outstanding you all are.  In my absence, you answered the call every time you came to work, invested yourself in our students, and showed kids how they can change their life through math.  I will be forever in your debt for how you have been my sun many days over the past couple of months. 


I have found that tragedy brings out many people who I expected to be right there by my side and many people who unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised me and have touched my family in such powerful ways.  I have also found that many people I expected to be there have not yet shown up.  My Mathnasium family has definitely shown up and not only changed my life, my family’s life, but have also kept on changing the lives of so many of our students.  Thank you!!  You will always hold a special place in my heart.


I am honored to work with a group of people who care so much for the kids in our community and who are willing to give so much to see our kid’s change their lives through math!!


Tim, Jess, Flora, and Lilyana