The current coronavirus health pandemic forced schools across the country to shut their doors. Students were left learning virtually or not learning at all. And as schools try to reopen, the learning loss gaps and academic achievement declines are being felt by students, educators, and parents.

According to the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), a nonprofit assessment provider, the school closures will cause some students to be as much as a year behind in math as schools restart, with elementary school students at the greatest risk. 

Under COVID-19 lockdowns, student learning is taking a beating in all academic subjects, but math is hit hardest. Most children have gaps in their math foundation even during the best of times; trying to learn math online with a classroom of other students is an almost insurmountable challenge. Parents are trying to help, but the vast majority feel poorly equipped to help their child with their math studies. This can result in frustration (and, often, tears) at Math homework time.

But, you are not alone. And there are solutions.



Tips to Help Your Kids with Math

As a parent, you don't have to be a math whiz to help your child succeed. Oftentimes, simply listening and encouraging your child results in a more positive math attitude and better grades. Below are a few tips parents can do to help set your kids up for Math success:

  1. Build Confidence: The first step is to build your child's math confidence. Start by finding the math lessons they can do and work on that to help build their confidence. Then move to the lessons they may be struggling in. Having built an initial foundation of math confidence will allow them to take on the more challenging work with less fear. When math makes sense, kids develop a more positive attitude.
  2. Encourage: Yes, it is frustrating when your child doesn't understand the math assignment. Or, even more frustrating when you as a parent don't understand the math either. But, it is important not to yell. Try not to show your frustration. Your frustration will only cause the child to become more frustrated. Instead, encourage your child. 
  3. Stay Positive: Try to avoid saying negative comments about math. For example, "I was never good at math." "This isn't how I learned math growing up." "I don't like math either." The negative comments will only make your child also feel negative about the subject. Instead, try to find some positive words even when you are frustrated. Try phrases such as, "We will figure this out together," "I believe in you," "You are working hard and it shows."
  4. Find Everyday Ways to Incorporate Math: Show your kids how math is used in everyday ways! Examples include cooking measurements, grocery store shopping, budgeting and even playing legos incorporates math skills. 
  5. Practice: Treat math as you would a sport. You need to practice to get better at it. You would never show up to a baseball game without practicing during the week. The same holds true for math. it is important to "exercise" kids minds to develop strong "math muscles."  This means you need to practice before a test. Spending 15 to 20 minutes a day practicing math will lead to better long term results.
  6. Utilize Online Resources: If you or your child is confused by a particular math topic, there are plenty of online tutorial videos to help explain. For example, Mathnasium offers weekly problems of the week HERE and webinars on many math topics HERE.   
  7.  Find Professional Assistance: The good news is you are not alone! There are many professionals and professional centers who specialize in helping students with math. You can't expect yourself to be a math teacher, instead turn to professionals who are math experts and want to help students with in math.


The “COVID Slide” Will Leave Children Up to a Year Behind in Math. Mathnasium of North Alpharetta Can Help!

Academic experts agree, children kept out of school lose more comprehension in math than in any other subject. It can take years to make up missed learning. Mathnasium reverses the loss from this “COVID slide” through face-to-face instruction, with custom-built learning plans that get your child back on track and ready to soar ahead. They can learn in our North Alpharetta center or with Mathnasium@home, our live online tutoring service.

For over 15 years, Mathnasium has transformed students’ mastery of math. Mathnasium North Alpharetta will provide a comprehensive FREE skills assessment to determine if your child is falling behind and will provide a roadmap for recovery and success. 

To schedule a FREE assessment, click HERE.  The comprehensive assessment will pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in a student’s math skills, then create a learning plan unique to that student. Working with that plan, highly trained instructors tutor students in a way that’s supportive and perfectly paced, so students enjoy learning math.




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