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Conquering the Summer Slide: The Mathnasium Solution

Apr 13, 2021 | White Bear Lake Blog

With Summer just around the corner, it's only natural to want to breathe a sigh of relief and turn our attention away from Zoom classes and hybrid schedules and on to warm weather and well-deserved fun with our little ones. However, we shouldn’t..

Frequently Asked Questions

Oct 25, 2019 | White Bear Lake Blog

  My child already excels in math.  Will Mathnasium address their needs? Absolutely.  Since Mathnasium is customized to the needs of each individual student, we can help advanced students stay engaged and stimulated by introdu..

Student of the Month

Nov 12, 2018 | White Bear Lake Blog

Connor Corcoran Connor has just started 3rd grade at St. Jude of the Lake School.  He is very serious, hardworking and is achieving at more than one year above grade level.  Connor has consistent attendance at Mathnasium, is very focused a..

Student of the Month

Oct 9, 2018 | White Bear Lake Blog

Student of the Month Makenna McCord Makenna has proved herself to be a hard worker and determined to improve her math abilities.  She is the type of student that makes me and all our instructors proud to be a part of the Mathnasium family; ..

Why Kids Struggle with Fractions?

Apr 15, 2018 | White Bear Lake Blog

Why do kids fear and struggle with fractions? Many kids fear fractions because they don’t understand how they work – they mix up the parts and don’t understand what they mean and what we do to them. Parents typically understand eno..

Why do kids struggle with Geometry

Apr 15, 2018 | White Bear Lake Blog

Why do kids struggle with Geometry? Geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with the properties, measurement, and relations of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids.  In layman’s terms it is math applied to pictures.  &nb..

Why do kids struggle with Algebra

Apr 15, 2018 | White Bear Lake Blog

Why do kids struggle with Algebra? We’ve asked algebra teachers what skills they wish their students were better at coming into Algebra class? Their answers were always the same 3 skills: Multiplication facts, Fractions, and Integers.&n..

How does Mathnasium address STEM?

Apr 15, 2018 | White Bear Lake Blog

What is STEM? It is simply an acronym for Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics.   Why is STEM important? STEM careers in the US are growing twice as fast as other professions. They al..