May 29, 2024 | Winchester

2024 Camp Mathnasium- Engineering Builder's Camp

Camp Mathnasium is a “summer camp” style program (3 hours per day) that offers Mathnasium math curriculums and fun & educational STEM activities built on LEGO and Snap Circuit across 10 specific days from June to August. The daily sessions include 1 hour of Mathnasium math program, and 1-1.5 hours of STEAM activities, with the remaining time spent with a variety of games. Contact us now. Space is limited.

Science | Engineering | STEM | Coding

2024 Mathnasium Engineering Builder's Camp -STEM Activities Descriptions

all fun and educational projects are built on LEGO® bricks or Snap Circuits®

All LEGO-based activities start with exploring the project’s science background, then building and programming the model, last completing the document and presenting the results!

  • Milo, the Science Rover with Motion Sensor - Build and program Milo Discover ways that scientists and engineers can use rovers to explore places where humans cannot go.

1 milo.png

  • Pulling Robot - Build and program a Pull-robot Investigating the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the movement of an object.

2 pull-robot.png

  • Robust Structure – Build and program an earthquake simulator and model buildings Investigating what characteristics of a building would help make it resistant to an earthquake, using an earthquake simulator

3 earthquake-model.png

  • Frog’s Metamorphosis – Build and program a model of a tadpole, young frog Model a frog’s metamorphosis using a LEGO representation and identify the characteristics of the organism at each stage.

4 tadpole.png

  • Plants and Pollinators - Build and program a pollination model Model the relationship between a pollinator and flower during the reproduction phase.

4 bee-and-flower.png

  • Drop and Rescue – Build and program a rescue helicopter Design a device to reduce the impact on humans, animals, and the environment after an area has been damaged by a weather-related hazard.

5 helicopter.png

  • Sort to Recycle - Build and program a truck to sort recyclable objects Design a device that sorts objects using their physical properties, including shape and size.

6 recycling-truck.png

All Electronic Circuits-based activities start with learning key electronic parts and their functions, and dos and don’ts of building circuits, exploring the project’s science background, then building and programming the model, last completing the document and presenting the results!

  • Spacey Fan - Build a fan with sound that is activated by light.

Spacey Fan.jpg

  • Light and Sound - Build a police siren with light and show a variation of the circuit in the project

Light and Sound.jpg

  • Space War Radio - Transmit Space War sounds to an AM radio.

Space War Radio.jpg

  • The Lie Detector - Show how sweat makes a better conductor.

The Lie detector.jpg

  • Water Alarm - Sound an alarm when water is detected, tone will vary with salt content.

Water Alarm.jpg