Confidence and How it Affects Children

Sep 1, 2022 | Yukon

Confidence is a person's postive belief in themselves. They know they are capable and have courage to take on new challenges and experiences. At Mathnasium of Yukon, we do more than teach math—we build confidence that goes beyond the walls of classroom. Continue reading to learn about the importance of confidence.

What is Confidence? How Does it Affect Children?

Self-confidence is the belief in one's capabilities. When a child develops confidence in themselves and their own abilities, their lives become transformed. Instead of avoiding challenges, they are excited at the opportunity to master a new skill. Children who have self confidence tend to make more friends, perform better, and are overall happier.

When a child has low confidence, it is often due to negative experiences. In education, this often happens when introducing new concepts without the necessary skills to succeed. If a child keeps experiencing negative experiences, they will develop learned helplessness. Rather than thinking "I CAN" they are stuck believing they can't while approaching new or challenging topics. Low confidence can affect other areas of life causing children to avoid coming of their shell when it comes to new experiences or meeting people.

How Does Mathnasium Build Confidence


At Mathnasium, the many components in the Mathnasium Method work together to build confidence. We use a comprehensive evaluation to create an individualized learning plan that meets each child at their level. We build upon their math knowledge and fill in gaps to ensure they have a solid math foundation using proven techniques for different learning styles.

Our instructors teach face-to-face with compassion and patience by providing emotional support when necessary. Once the student has shown they have the skills necessary to take on problems on their own, the instructor allows them to work independently while staying within reach to help whenever needed. This method allows us to provide support while also helping children break out of their learned helplessness. By turning mistakes into learning opportunities, students are able to overcome the fear of failure.

How to Get Started

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During the assessment process, our center director will speak with you to learn more about your child's needs and determine the best approach for your child. You will also have the chance to see our center and learn more about our program and how we are changing lives through math.