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Mathnasium has two Leon County locations. In addition to our Bannerman Crossings location, our new math learning center in the Mahan Village Shopping Center, at the corner of Mahan and Capital Circle NE, is now open.

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Tallahassee Math Tutor Gets Results - Our Members Share their Stories

Jul 17, 2019

Mathnasium of Tallahassee Builds Confidence and Improves Math Abilities

Mathnasium of Tallahassee Confidence in Math - Tallahassee Tutoring and Math Learning CenterEach day families from Tallahassee, Leon County and South Georgia entrust the Mathnasium of Tallahassee team with their child’s education.  Our team is committed to extraordinary math tutoring and math instruction.  We are always striving to earn the trust and respect of the families we serve. 

Our belief in a child’s potential, and our devotion to helping them achieve it, creates opportunities.  Opportunity to find understanding in the classroom.  Opportunity to explore chosen career fields.  Opportunity to succeed and achieve.

Below are stories of our families and how Mathnasium of Tallahassee has impacted their student’s lives:


C.O. (parent of middle school student)
First time my daughter is taking math tutoring, no doubt we are in the best place. Since day one, my daughter is enjoying being there, Mathnasium is helping her to develop more confidence in her skills. Great team and staff are very friendly!


S.H. (parent of elementary school students)
This is our second summer having our boys enrolled in Mathnasium. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did. They have introduced @home which allows us to participate as the name implies--at home--and we no longer have to drive 1.5 hours one way to get to the center. However, my boys still love going in person; so we compromise and do two days online and one day in person. It has been a great tool. It also will allow us to continue the tutoring sessions once school starts back. And to top things off, did I mention how awesome the owners and the tutors are!!! Thank you all!

C.D. (parent of test prep student)
The lessons are thorough and organized making it easy to follow and track our daughter’s progress.


M.W. (parent of middle school student)
Our kids are excited about math and look forward to going . We are pleased with how much progress they have made in such a short time . So happy to see a new positive attitude towards math from the confidence they have gained in their math abilities!


M.Q. (parent of elementary school student)
My daughter is making steady progress in the program. She looks forward to attending each session.


K.V. (parent of middle school student)
My daughter is not only doing better in Math she has improved in every other subject as well!! She really enjoys going to Mathnasium. Thank you!

S.B. (parent of Algebra 1 student)
The overall development plan has identified and improved my daughter’s understanding in areas where she was previously deficient. The benchmarks and measurements have been helpful as a parent to follow along with her progress. The homework assistance at the end of the sessions has been excellent as well. We have seen her test scores and grades in Math improve since she has been attending Mathnasium. Thank you.

J.H. (parent of middle school student)
We are very happy with how much better our son is in math...

A.W. (parent of Algebra 1 student)
My son loves the program!

K.V. (parent of middle school student)
My daughter has gained confidence and her grades have improved. Thank you!!

J.D. (parent of SAT and ACT Test Prep Student)
My son actually comes and enjoys learning. His test scores have gone up considerably. We are very pleased with the results.

J.T. (parent of Geometry student)
We could not be more pleased with the help and support of the tutors and administrators at Mathnasium. Our daughter has noticed immediate results! She arrives and leaves with a smile on her face, and that is saying a lot for a teenager!

S.S. (parent of Algebra 1 student)
My daughter feels confident tackling even the most challenging math assignments these days. I know it's because of the consistent practice and encouragement she receives at Mathnasium.

K.M. (parent of two 5th grade students)
Thanks for making the experience a fun and encouraging environment for our kids.

P.B. (parent of 5th grade student)
I never would have imagined our 10 year old would be excited to go to a math study. Thank you for changing his perspective on math. Great job.


R.T. (parent of middle school student)
It is great. It is much better than using a private tutor because of the range of hours available. I have used a private tutor in the past and had an appointment that could not be changed. Your hours are very flexible.

M.W. (parent of elementary school student)
My child has gone from a low C to an A in math in three months. Her confidence in math is back.

M.H. (parent of pre-algebra student)
It has changed the way our daughter studies in all subjects. Straight A student. And now she enjoys math too!

B.L. (parent of 9th grade student)
My son is feeling more confident with his math skills and looks forward to his Mathnasium sessions. Thank you!

P.Y. (parent of middle school student)
It’s so helpful for my daughter. They closed her learning gaps in math and now are helping her reinforce her math skills for her grade level and beyond.

E.N. (parent of high school student)
Mathnasium has greatly improved not only our son's math grades but also his scores on the SAT. His studies at Mathnasium give him the extra time and personal attention he needs to be successful. Highly recommend!

M.H. (parent of high school student) guys do a wonderful job of identifying weakness and supporting students that struggle.

C.C. (parent of elementary school student)
Mathnasium helps improve our son's math skills in an exciting, positive atmosphere, and we really appreciate the flexibility the Mathnasium model provides.

F.K. (parent of elementary school student)
My kids who were struggling in math, love going there. They have improved dramatically over one month. Great staff!

R.P. (parent of Algebra student)
Doug and Lisa who run the Tallahassee branch are amazing. They seem to give their all and pour it in to the lives of the students!

K.H. (parent of Algebra student)
My daughter was struggling terribly with Algebra, so we started bringing her to Mathnasium about six or seven months ago. She LOVES going because the staff is so friendly and she gets great homework help. Even without homework, she continued going to Mathnasium throughout the summer (working on her summer packet, but mostly catching up on skills). She has been in Geometry for a month now and has an A in the class! Her confidence in her math abilities has never been higher.

D.M. (parent of middle school student)
My son is using the assets to help him make better choices when doing his math. He is making good grades in his advanced math class.

S.S. (parent of Algebra student)
I was looking for a way to get my daughter excited about her challenging math class. Mathnasium has done just that ... the instructors have been patient, energetic and knowledgeable. My daughter looks forward to her sessions and provides her the right amount of structure necessary for staying ahead of the curve.

C.R. (parent of elementary school student)
My child shows more confidence in math than ever. She never complains about going. She has even expressed disappointment when we were not going on a day she thought we were! The owners and teachers make math a positive experience.

C.C. (parent of elementary school student)
... I am very happy with the flexibility, the positive attitude and the results. Getting my son to do math at home has been a battle, so his willingness to go to Mathnasium is a victory in itself. It's only been a month and a half, and I think I can see a change in his approach to math, where it is more thoughtful, and not just a put-your-head-down-and-barrel-through-it approach.

A.P. (parent of middle school student)
My son has been going to Mathnasium for about 4 months now ... and his grade in math has completely turned around, as well as his confidence. He is happy to do his homework and loves bringing home his A's from school.

E.G. (parent of Algebra student)
My son has been receiving great direction from the staff @ Mathnasium Tallahassee... he's been able to pick up methods that make sense to him...I recommend them to many people!

L.R. (elementary school student)
My granddaughter, enjoys going to Mathnasium. She is beginning to see herself as more capable and successful in math. She loves earning the great prizes.

B.P. (parent of middle school student)
My daughter enjoys her time at Mathnasium. She wishes her every day math class would make learning math fun like Mathnasium does.

E.R. - (parent of elementary and middle school students)
My kids enjoy going to Mathnasium. My older daughter told me that Mathnasium really does make math easy to understand and fun. My younger daughter works hard, not just to improve her grades, but to earn some of the treasures in the cabinet!

C.J. - (parent of elementary school student)
Our 8 year old son loves going to Mathnasium! He wasn't struggling in math at school but we wanted to be sure he could excel in math. Mathnasium was able to identify a couple of gaps in his overall skill set. Now that he is working on those gaps we feel his foundation will be very strong moving forward...and did I mention he loves going.

K.A. - (parent of high school student)
"This dynamic team takes the fear out of math and turns it into confidence."

B.H. - (parent of middle school student)
"Our daughter's grades and confidence have both improved. She loves going to Mathnasium!"

C. R. - (parent of middle school student)
“Lisa and Doug have been wonderful to my daughter. She looks forward to coming to Mathnasium and I really never envisioned that… She is 13 years old and I thought she would be embarrassed because she is about everything else, at her age. At Mathnasium, she sees so many other kids her age, and older too, getting help. She feels a great sense of belonging… One would think that after a full day of school a student may want to come home and get on some sort of technology right away. For my daughter, one of her early questions to me is: What time are we going to Mathnasium? There have been a few times when we have had to do a few things beforehand and she worries that we won’t make it in time...  We always do. It’s just part of our day. Thanks Mathnasium, Lisa and Doug!!”


M. H. - (parent of middle school student)
Mathnasium has helped my 7th grade daughter understand her curriculum, and more importantly, have confidence in herself. I'd recommend Mathnasium to anyone who is struggling with math or anyone who simply wants to find a way to enjoy it.”


K. C. - (parent of elementary school student)
“(My daughter) loves going to Mathnasium! She always leaves with a smile on her face. She seems to be enjoying math for once!”


P. Y. - (parent of middle school student)
“Mathnasium has been so helpful for our daughter. It has helped her improve her confidence in math and made her school math work so much easier. She enjoys going and watching her skills increase and her mastery improve each time. I would recommend to anyone looking to help their child gain confidence in math, which is such an important area for our future. The environment and the instructors are great.”


S.H. - (parent of high school student)
“My teen son LOVES going to Mathnasium, and says it's the first time that he likes math. He says Mr. Doug and Ms. Lisa are awesome.”


S.R. - (parent of elementary school student)
“We love how personable you are with not just my son, but all those who attend Mathnasium. You know every child by name and get them started right away. You make math enjoyable for my child, and he really enjoys coming.”


M.L - (parent of elementary school students)
“My two girls love attending Mathnasium. They are developing a real joy for math and gaining so much confidence! Thank you!”


R.K. - (parent of elementary school student)
“Our 3rd grader looks forward to Math sessions at Mathnasium. She is excited and motivated to excel in math, which also reflects in her grades. Thanks Lisa, Doug and all the excellent tutors at Mathnasium.”


O.M. – (parent of elementary school student)
My daughter loves going to Mathnasium, it's tutors, and friendly learning environment. As a result of attending Mathnasium my daughter's math grades have improved term over term and her confidence has increased too!”


E.D. - (parent of pre-calculus high school student)
“Our daughter has had a long-standing dislike of math. Within months of beginning work with Mathnasium, she was asking to go to tutoring along with an improvement in her grades and attitude toward math. Thank You”


J. Y. - (parent of middle school student)
“Our daughter enjoys coming to work on math. She is learning and happy about it."


S.H. - (parent of middle school student)
“My son really likes going to his tutoring sessions. He says it is fun.”


K.H. - (parent of algebra middle school student)
"Our experience with Mathnasium has been wonderful. The staff always makes my daughter feel welcome and she is learning so many things that she was never correctly taught. She actually ASKS to go to Mathnasium... not just for homework help (which she loves), but also for the skills practice because she really wants to catch up. She has gone from hating math (class and homework) to not complaining about it, which is a huge improvement and a relief for me. It's so nice to log into her grade portal now and not have a heart attack, Lol. Thank you, Mathnasium!"


E.G. - (parent of middle school student)
"The staff @ Mathnasium has increased my son's confidence in concepts that were difficult for me to help him in...thank you!”


At Mathnasium of Tallahassee we make a promise to all of our families:

“Our value isn’t the IQ we bring to problem solving, it’s our passion to make a difference in the lives that come through our doors.  Our belief in each student’s potential and devotion to helping them achieve it leads to every child understanding – and mastering – math.  
Changing Their World as a Result.”


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More About Mathnasium of Tallahassee

Mathnasium of Tallahassee, located in Bannerman Crossings, teaches math in a way that makes sense for students in elementary, middle and high school. Customized learning plans produce results for students seeking gifted and advanced math enrichment, tutoring assistance to catch up, math homework help, and test prep for the SAT and ACT.

The Mathnasium curriculum and the Mathnasium Method combine to benefit students at all levels of their math education. The development of number sense leads to a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, improved performance and greater confidence. This growth aids students in their classroom work, standardized tests, future education and career plans.