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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

OwnerAparna Pai, Owner / Center Director

Aparna has a BS in Engineering from India and an M.S. in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology. Prior to getting involved in Mathnasium, she worked in information technology industry for several years in varied roles and responsibilities. As a child she really enjoyed and looked forward to learning math. Her interest in teaching math began as she was trying to find ways to make learning math a fun activity for her older son and found that there were very few such resources available for parents. Her own experience had taught her that kids excel in math when it is taught in a way that is fun and intellectually challenging. Her quest to do so brought her in touch with Mathnasium. Aparna is very enthusiastic about Mathnasium curriculum since it is taught in the way that makes sense to kids. The sharp focus on “why” rather than the plain “how” to do a math problem is the essential Mathnasium differentiator. Her goal is to use math make every child a better thinker and problem solver. Students that need remedial focus and enrichment are welcomed and challenged.  She has been doing this for over 7 years and loves every moment of working with students and empowering them. She has two sons, Nachi , a UIUC Industrial Engineering graduate currently working for Pepsi and Neel, a 17 year old junior at Neuqua.

Favorite Number: 5280

Favorite Math Joke: Why is 5 afraid of 6? Because 7 ate 9

In five years, I will be: A Boston marathoner

I love Mathnasium because: My dream of every student being an effective problem solver can be accomplished.

Fun Fact: My company is named Pai-R-Square (play on our last name to derive math formula)

Favorite Mathnasium character: 


Melanie Woods, Assisstant Center Director

Melanie has a strong STEM background with degrees in computer science and physics along with 10 years of software development experience. This may seem an unusual outcome for someone who struggled with math in elementary school. That changed with the encouragement of a 7th grade math teacher who made class fun. Math finally began to make sense! This experience has motivated her to help others develop a good attitude toward math and probem solving in general. She believes that with patience and positive feedback anyone can gain a better understanding of math. Melanie has two college-aged daughters urrently pursuing degrees in science and engineering.

Favorite Number: 2

Favorite Math Joke: How many monsters are good at math? None unless you Count Dracula!

In five years, I will be: Done paying for my daughters' college education.

I love Mathnasium because: It feels good to help a child understand a confusing math concept.

Fun Fact: I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean as a crew member on a 44 foot sloop!

Ryan Macwan, Instructor

I am currently doing my undergrad at DePaul University in Computer Science. I've loved logic and math ever since I was a kid, because it challenged me intellectually not physically. Being homeschooled allowed me to learn math at an accelerated pace. I have had a passion for kids ever since I was a teen, and I know how to be patient, fun, and stern with them. When I'm not working as a math tutor or studying I enjoy playing table tennis and board games, reading books, and contemplating philosophical ideas.


Favorite Number: 10

Favorite Math Joke: How many mathematicians does it take to change a light bulb? One. She gives it to three physicists, thus reducing it to a problem that has already been solved.

In five years, I will be: A successful software developer.

I love Mathnasium because: I love math and I love working with kids!

Fun Fact: I am a part of two Guinness World Records.

Favorite Mathnasium character: 

InstructorNathan Digweed, Instructor

Nathan Digweed is a graduate from Illinois Institute of Technology, where he earned his Bachelor's of Science degree in physics.  From a very young age, he has shown a passion for learning math and science, and that passion grew into a love for teaching others mathamatical and physics related concepts.  Having been homeschooled up through high school, he understands that patience and adding fun to learning can go a long way in helping a student's potential be realized.  In his spare time he enjoys playing piano and composing music.

Favorite Number: 88

Favorite Math Joke: Why did a couple of sailors run around in a circle? They were 2 pi-rates!

In five years, I will be: A video game designer

I love Mathnasium because: Teaching and learning math can be challenging and fun

Fun Fact: I was homeschooled until my senior year of High School, and I play music in my spare time.

Favorite Mathnasium character: 

Hannah O'Connor, Instructor 

Hi! My name is Hannah O’Connor and I am senior at Naperville Central High School. I have loved every math course I have taken, no matter how challenging. I enjoy being able to explain in depth the simple concepts behind difficult problems, and I always find myself enjoying working through math problems. I began advanced math classes in 4th grade in a magnet program and have taken up to Calculus BC. In my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball and volunteering with Special Olympics. Next year I will be majoring in neuroscience and playing volleyball at Washington and Lee University.


Favorite Number: 13

Favorite math joke: How do you stay warm in a cold room? You go to the corner -- it's always 90 degrees!

In five years, I will be: In Medical school!

I love Mathnasium because: Spending time with students is the best, it's the most refreshing part of my day! When someone says "oh, I get it," it is the best feeling in the world.

Fun Fact: I do not eat fruits or veggies!

Favorite Mathnasuim character: 



Noah Woods, Instructor

Noah Wood is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois. Even since he was young he always enjoyed math. His passion for numbers is one of the reasons he chose to get his degree in chemical engineering. Getting the degree made him appreciate math for its ability to predict real world phenomena. Recently he has picked up fly fishing as a hobby. He has found the sport to be both challenging and rewarding, as there is something quite satisfying about fooling a fish to bite a fly.

Favorite Number: 16

Favorite Math Joke: What do you call a mathematician who goes on a lot of dates, but who doesn't like to talk about it?  A discrete data!

In five years, I will be: Working as a statistician

I love Mathnasium because: Even I can still learn from the Mathnasium curriculum! I learned about the cake method for finding the greatest common factor and least common multiple. Mathnasium presents material in different ways than the school system does and I think it's beneficial to see more than one approach to a problem.

Favorite Mathnasium character: 






 Aarush Gupta, Instructor

Rana Ahmad is currently a senior at Metea Valley High School. He is enrolled in AP Physics and AP Calculus BC. He plans on double majoring in biochemistry and business administration along with a minor in physics. In addition to academics, he is a teacher’s assistant for his previous AP Chemistry teacher. He has also started a club at is high school that focuses on providing tutoring for the ACT and other high school courses. Through these activities, he has gained a lot of experience with teaching kids. Besides math tutoring and academics, Rana is a big fan of basketball and football. He played on the Illini Extreme AAU basketball team and also loves to watch both sports. As a big fan of math, Rana looks forward to spread his passion of the subject to kids.

Favorite Number: 7

Favorite Math Joke:  Math, the only place where someone can buy 100 pineapples and no one questions why.

In five years, I will be: I will be traveling the world

I love Mathnasium because: It is the only place where several people that love math gather and learn together.

Fun Fact:  I have a motorcycle license and I own a super-sport motorcycle. 

Favorite Mathnasium character: 



Nathan Knauf, Instructor

Hi, my name is Nate, and I am a recent graduate from the University of Illinois with a degree in physics. I have had a passion for learning and sharing math for as long as I can remember, from drawing the number “8” over and over with my mother as young boy to guiding my roommates through the perils of calculus 3. What amazes me about math is that we can know more about a situation than when we started by drawing a bunch of symbols on paper. I am very enthused by mathematics and enjoy passing that energy along. I hope that my excitement and patience can help students achieve the satisfaction of feeling “I get it!”

Favorite Number: 73

Favorite Math Joke:  The problem with math puns is that calculus jokes are all derivative, trigonometry jokes are too graphic, algebra jokes are usually formulaic, and arithmetic jokes are pretty basic. But I guess the occasional statistics joke is an outlier.


In five years, I will be:  Using math to find actionable insights in an analytics role, i.e. turning math into money!

I love Mathnasium because: We work to find ways for students to think about math, not just do it. I love challenging students to be mathematicians and not calculators!

Fun Fact: I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I have read all the books at least 4 times.

Favorite Mathnasium character: 

 Catherine O'Reilly, Instructor

My name is Catherine, and I am 18 years old. I am currently a sophomore at Lewis University majoring in Biology. I graduated from Bolingbrook High School in 2015. Math has been my favorite subject since I was in elementary school, and I've completed math courses up to Calculus, so I'm pretty comfortable with it. I've been volunteering with and teaching children since I was a freshman in high school, and I've always loved spending time with kids.  Besides academics and math tutoring, I also love playing soccer and have played on the JV and Varsity team all four years in high school.

Favorite Number: 8

Favorite Math Joke: Why couldn't the number four get into the nightclub? Because he was 2 square 

In five years, I will be: A college student studying environmental engineering or biology 

I love Mathnasium because: It gives students who have lost their confidence in math a chance to rebuild themselves and actually understand, not just copy, the process of mathematics

Fun Fact: I love to bake obscure desserts/breads that I find while watching The Great British Bake Off

Favorite Mathnasim character: 

Aaron Minh, Instructor

Aaron Minh was born and raised in the Chicagoland area.  He will always root for the Chicago Cubs.  Aaron graduated with a B.S. in Physics from the University of Illinois-Chicago and is also a recent graduate of the University of Florida's ProTeach program with a Master's in Education in Secondary Science Education. From a young age, he has always been interested in math and science.  In school, and at home, he has always been the go-to guy for friends and family who needed help in math.  As an instructor at Mathnasium, he hopes students will develop problem solving skills that will help them throughout their entire educational careers.  In his spare time, he enjoys visiting theme parks and riding all the roller coasters in the world (100+ and counting!)   

Favorite Number: 42

Favorite Math Joke: Two random variables were talking in a restaurant. They thought they were being discrete but I heard their chatter continuously.

In five years, I would have : designed the world’s craziest roller coaster ride

I love Mathnasium because: As an instructor, you are still always learning new math tips and tricks.  And, it’s always great to see the look on kids’ faces when they start to see how math makes sense!

Fun Fact: I once was on the gameshow “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?"

Favorite Mathnasium character: 



Suzanne Wetzel, Instructor

Suzanne Wetzel is a graduate of Augustana College in Rock Island, IL with a BA in Accounting and Business/Finance. She has worked as an Auditor, Fund Accountant and Financial Analyst. When she was in college she tutored both accounting and math. She is the mother of four, ages 11 to 20. She is excited to combine her love of children and math in tutoring for Mathnasium.


Favorite Number: 9

Favorite Math Joke: What did the zero say to the eight? Nice belt!

In five years, I will be : 5 years older and wiser, I hope.

I love Mathnasium because:  I love working with kids.

Fun Fact: I am the mother of four kids from age 11 to 20.

Favorite Mathnasium character:



Harish Pai, Owner

Harish has an Electronics engineering degree from Mysore University, India and an MBA from the Kellogg School Ownerof Management (Northwestern) with majors in Finance and Entrepreneurship. He is a seasoned IT professional with significant experience in the areas of IT consulting and Application Design. Math has always been a favorite subject of his since his childhood. During his engineering days he took it upon himself to coach/guide his fellow students especially in Math. He staunchly believes that developing a certain comfort level in Math will play a pivotal role in the future success of all children regardless of what path they choose. Harish eagerly looks forward to a fun and interesting Math experience for your child.

Favorite Mathnasium character: