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 Distance Learning Facilitator


 Job Title: Lead Instructor


We are looking for passionate, friendly, and enthusiastic people who enjoy helping kids. We will teach you everything else you need to know!

Who We Are..

Serving our community by changing lives through math” is our mission. Mathnasium, The Math Learning Center is your neighborhood math-only learning center that teaches kids math in a way that makes sense to them. Our families are our top priority! With our team of experienced math instructors, students from K - 12th grade are provided with an exceptional learning experience.

Position Summary:

The Mathnasium Lead Instructor is responsible for leading the instructional floor, directing instructors to ensure all students receive appropriate attention, coaching instructors on how to improve their instructional abilities and use of the Mathnasium Method, as well as providing exceptional instruction to students. Lead Instructors are capable of effectively balancing leadership and instructional responsibilities. The Lead Instructor is committed to providing exceptional customer service through an expert approach that is personal and prescriptive, ensuring to parents that their students are making progress on their binder work, attending to their student’s needs, while assisting our Instructors on how to develop an expert approach. They build students’ confidence and self-esteem through understanding and open communication. Additionally, the Lead Instructor builds Instructors’ confidence and self-esteem through successful coaching interaction and open-communication. The Lead Instructors are the instructional floor leaders of the Mathnasium center team and are responsible for the successful facilitation of team teaching.


  • Leadership:
    • Lead the instructional floor by facilitating the team teaching environment
    • Lead instructors throughout the workday to ensure all students receive proper attention
    • Manage the center environment and resolve escalated student progress and behavioral issues
    • Take accountability of and ensure students are progressing through their workout plan and Mathnasium Hour during their sessions
    • Take accountability of the formal check-in and check-out process, ensuring all students get situated appropriately when entering the center by setting session goals
    • Take accountability of all students completing reflective learning by reflecting on session goals during the check-out process.
    • Interact with parents regarding their students progress and plans moving forward
    • Coach and motivate instructors to become better at their role and help them master how to use the Mathnasium Method to help students learn math
  • Instruction:
    • Teach through Mathnasium methodology and terminology, using prescribed teaching practices
    • Ensure instructors are delivering instruction using the Mathnasium Method, terminology, and methodology
    • Interact with and motivate students during the instructional session
    • Evaluate and document student progress
    • Communicate student needs to the appropriate superiors
    • Assist in non-teaching tasks, which may include cleaning, administrative assistance, curriculum preparation, or other duties, as assigned



In addition to characteristics of an excellent Mathnasium Instructor, Mathnasium Lead Instructors possess the following:

Instructional Floor Facilitators:
Lead Instructors must be able to effectively facilitate Mathnasium’s team-teaching environment on the instructional floor. Lead Instructors must keep awareness of the instructional floor at all times and direct instructors to assist students needing attention.

Lead Instructors must be leaders who can motivate and inspire others to achieve top performance through positive reinforcement and helpful coaching. Lead Instructors must also be able to create strong relationships with center staff in order to be effective at leading and coaching. Lead Instructors must be role models on using the Mathnasium Method in providing instruction for students.

Lead Instructors must act as a resource for Instructors to be successful. Lead Instructors must make themselves available to assist and coach subordinates to develop their talent and alleviate any learning or behavioral issues.

Lead Instructors must be accountable for students’ workout plan progress during their sessions. Lead Instructors must remove learning and/or behavioral obstacles impacting students’ abilities to make progress towards their session’s workout plan. Lead Instructors must make good judgements in difficult situations and be able to resolve student conflicts. Lead Instructors must be passionate in providing math education and making a difference in students’ learning.

Tasks Performed:

  • Be a role model for instructors on how to teach using the Mathnasium Method
  • Facilitate a team teaching environment
  • Ensure instructors are monitoring students’ progress throughout their Mathnasium Hour
  • Demonstrate good judgement  in stressful situations, such as directing instructors when multiple students are in need of attention
  • Effectively manage the instructional floor by leading instructors in teaching and assisting all students throughout their respective Mathnasium Hour
  • Balance instructional responsibilities with team facilitation responsibilities to ensure the instructional floor is working at the highest efficiency
  • Resolve student progress issues escalated by instructors
  • Ensure every student is properly checked in by having appropriate work assigned to them
  • Coach instructors on teaching the Mathnasium way with instructional icons and Rules of Engagement
  • Work with instructors to ensure children are making progress in their workout plan
  • Redirect instructional staff to re-engage distracted students or students needing attention
  • Identify appropriate homework problems at check-in for students
  • Coach instructors on how to teach mathematical concepts
  • Ensure each student is progressing through the Mathnasium Hour by referencing their session start time
  • Ensure each student is properly checked out by signing off on their workout plan
  • Assist fellow instructors in teaching mathematical concepts to students
  • Lead the formal check-out process for every student
  • Facilitate reflective learning with every student at the end of their session
  • Resolve student behavioral problems escalated by instructors
  • Escalate behavioral or progress issues to the Center Director for timely resolution
  • Reassign student seating around the center to ensure students progress through their workout plans
  • Work with every child to ensure that they are progressing through their workout plan
  • Administer and evaluate assessments to current students
  • Identify activities for students to engage in that reinforce their workout plans
  • Participate in the delivery of staff meetings

Additional Responsibilities:

In addition to conducting all the tasks and maintaining all the competencies of the lead instructor position, Lead Instructors are required to have the knowledge and be competent on all the tasks and competencies of the Instructor position. These tasks and competencies can be found in the Instructor Job Description document.

 Instructors must be passionate about math and have strong skills through Algebra I. Algebra II, Trig, and higher math skills will be a plus.


Please, email us a copy of your resume and reason for your interest in Mathnasium  at








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