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Boost Your Child’s Math Skills with Personalized Pre-Algebra Tutoring

Don’t let pre-algebra hold your child back. Mathnasium’s expert tutors are ready to help your child conquer pre-algebra and build a strong foundation for future math success. Sign up for online or in-person tutoring today.


Five Reasons Mathnasium Is the Best Choice for Pre-Algebra Tutoring

At Mathnasium, we’re passionate about helping students master pre-algebra. Whether your child is a pre-algebra whiz or just starting out, we have the tools and expertise to help them succeed. Here are five reasons why parents and students love our pre-algebra tutoring:

  • Individual Assessment
  • Customized Learning Plans
  • Hundreds of Thousands Successful Students
  • Online & In-Person Tutoring
  • No Additional Homework
How it Works
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A method that gets results


of parents report an improvement in their child’s math skills and understanding


of students saw an improvement in their school grades


of parents report improved attitude toward math after attending Mathnasium

Our Results
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Expert Pre-Algebra Tutoring Online & In-Person

We understand that finding quality pre-algebra tutoring can be tough, so we offer online and in-person options to fit your busy schedule. With our customized learning plans, your child can succeed in pre-algebra and beyond. Join the thousands of students who have found success with Mathnasium.

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome you to contact your local Mathnasium Learning Center with any questions you may have about pre-algebra tutoring. Here are some of the more common ones we get:

  • How can my child benefit from working with pre-algebra tutors?

    Whether or not they are struggling in class, your child can benefit from our pre-algebra math tutors thanks to our personalized approach to learning.

    If your child is behind in class, our tutors can help them catch up. On the other hand, if your child is ahead of the class, we can guide them through more challenging concepts to expand their skills.

  • How can I prepare my child for pre-algebra tutoring?

    Preparing to work with our pre-algebra math tutors involves setting clear goals and expectations with them. Create a positive attitude towards pre-algebra in your home and encourage your child to practice the concepts they learn daily.

    Make sure your child knows you’re proud of them, confident in their abilities, and excited about the prospect of them receiving tutoring and pre-algebra homework help.

  • At what grade level do kids begin learning algebra?

    The simplest pre-algebra concepts are often introduced in elementary school but are disguised within other types of math. Algebra is typically offered as a class in either the 9th or 10th grade in the U.S.

    Our pre-algebra tutors are available to assist your child before this introduction or at any time while they are taking these classes. Our tutors are trained to help children struggling with math concepts and to challenge those with accelerated skills.

  • Should my child get pre-algebra tutoring before classes start?

    Yes! The best way for your child to understand these math concepts is to have them work with one of our pre-algebra math tutors before they take an algebra or even pre-algebra class.

    Our tutors play a vital role in building your child’s ability, confidence, and skill set with math. Every child’s tutoring plan is personalized according to their strengths, their learning style, and the concept areas that need support.

  • How can I help my child with pre-algebra concepts at home?

    Any help your child receives at home can complement and enhance the progress they make with their pre-algebra tutors. Make math a positive force and encourage your child to work on concepts daily.

    Many online tools can help them expand their pre-algebra skills. You can also talk with our professionals at Mathnasium for more personalized ideas to suit your child’s strengths and areas where they need extra support.

  • What signs can indicate my child needs pre-algebra tutoring?

    If your child’s math grades are lower than their other classes, if they are often frustrated with their homework or avoid it altogether, or if they aren’t enthusiastic when discussing pre-algebra, they likely need extra pre-algebra homework help and tutoring.

    Many children also become visibly anxious and stressed when faced with a challenging topic like pre-algebra that they need help with.

  • Will my child need to use pre-algebra concepts later in school?

    Absolutely! One of the trademark characteristics of math, including pre-algebra, is that each subsequent lesson and concept builds on concepts previously covered. This makes it difficult for children to catch up in any kind of math once they fall behind.

    However, our pre-algebra tutors are specially trained and have the education and experience to help your child grow and succeed, even if they are struggling or falling behind in their current pre-algebra class.

  • How can I ensure my child's tutoring and pre-algebra homework help are effective?

    Our pre-algebra math tutors are exceptional professionals who specialize in helping children build a strong skill set in math and excel through personalized tutoring plans.

    You can be confident that your child will work with the best pre-algebra math tutors available. They teach math in a customized way that makes sense to your child while creating a fun and rewarding learning experience!



Angela A. | Parent
Atascocita Center

Nicholas has progressed quickly in pre-algebra in his first month at Mathnasium. The staff is very accommodating and very tuned to each child's needs. The tutors are very patient and knowledgeable as well. I can see that his confidence level has gone up tremendously and he is even trying to help his peers now when they struggle with the same material.

Kathleen G. | Parent
Nashua Center

Our son has struggled with math since the first grade. We have tried private tutors, but nothing seemed to really make a difference. We joined Mathnasium about 4 months ago, and our son’s progress is remarkable! He is building fundamentals that he had been missing, and that is translating to improved confidence and an overall better understanding of math concepts. Our son has a solid B average in pre-algebra. We are seeing his best math grades ever!

Terri A. | Parent
Nashua Center

Joshua was struggling with pre-algebra but had balked at the idea of a tutor. I had heard some great things about Mathnasium, so decided to give it a try. From the first day we went in for the assessment, he felt right at home.


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