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7 Reasons Tutors Prefer working at Mathnasium

  1.       More time tutoring, less time commuting – At Mathnasium you tutor at the same location –   our  center – for 3 to 4 hours on the days you sign up for. No need to commute to different venues just to teach for one hour.
  2.       High Hourly Rate – Qualified math tutors get paid up to 50% higher at our centers compared to other learning centers. Consider that you’re not spending unpaid driving time back and forth to students’ homes for every hour of tutoring, plus we handle all the scheduling and annoying make-ups. We also take care of all parents questions, requests, progress updates. You just do what you love best – teach.
  3.       Stress-free – With private tutoring, you never know what the student drags in from school that day. At Mathnasium, a student’s learning plan and worksheets have been pre-determined, all printed out in the student’s binder. When a student comes in, you simply open the student’s Mathnasium binder and explain the math worksheets in the binder. It’s a lot less stressful.
  4.       Never alone – Mathnasium is a center where you’ll be tutoring alongside 4 to 5 other instructors. If you’re ever stuck on how to explain something, there are other experienced instructors to help. If you forgot how many feet in 1 mile, just holler to the next table. It’s a much more fun group environment than teaching a student alone in some stranger’s kitchen.
  5.       Guaranteed Schedule – Mathnasium students commit to coming the same day and time every week. So we can promise you a set schedule. You can plan your life better: You decide which weekdays (minimum 2 days a week, must commit to end of school year) you want to work and we will guarantee you that schedule every week.
  6.       Impact on kids– Mathnasium does a thorough assessment of each child and creates a customized learning plan that’s just right for the child – not too easy that they are not challenged, and not too hard that they are discouraged. Because you are teaching exactly what the kids need to fill in gaps or get ahead, kids improve quicker and the results are more long-lasting. It’s a very rewarding experience making that kind of impact on a kid.
  7.       Become a more effective tutor – With 700+ centers nationwide, we are not only good at teaching kids math, we are experts at training up our tutors to provide the most effective instruction to their students.  Join our team, become skilled at how to teach math in a way that makes sense to kids and engages them.

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