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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

 Joann Jiang, Center Director

Joanne graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Applied Mathematics.  She also fluently speaks Mandarin Chinese.  She has been tutoring and mentoring students for over a decade, and joined the Mathnasium team in 2011.  She is driven by a deep desire to help students build confidence and excel in her favorite subject - Math!  Over the past few years, she has served multiple Mathnasium centers, providing assistance and support to the different instruction teams.  She brings this experience to the Pasadena center, focussing her energy to this local community.

Andrew Lukman, Asst. Center Director

 Andrew moved to California, in 2015, from his home state of Georgia.  He quickly joined the Mathnasium team, and led the South Pasadena center's Instruction team from 2016-2017.  In 2017, he transferred to the Pasadena center to serve as Lead Instructor.  Since then, because of his strong work ethic and extreme dedication to our students, he has been promoted to his current position as Assistant Center Director.

Throughout his childhood, math was just another subject that Andrew was good at.  But after taking his first Calculus class, his eyes opened to how "cool" math can be.  He is currently a Computer Science major, and with that analytical mind,  he is always looking for better ways to teach math to our students.  Outside of Mathnasium, Andrew's favorite hobby is music - he spends time listening to music, playing instruments and even produces electronic music.  He plans to one day tour the entire United States, playing the music that he makes. 

Jake Gavenas, Lead Instructor

Jake graduated from UCLA in 2017 with a BA in Psycholgy and a minor in Mathematics.  His passion for the two subjects led him to apply for a position at our center.  He felt that his own background (along with what he has learned from his studies in psychology) could help how math is being taught.

"The moment when a difficult concept 'clicks' for a student is incredibly rewarding."  He sees each of these magical moments as an instance of illumination and growth, developing each individual student into more confident and capable mathematicians.

Like Andrew, his main hobby is  music - finidng fresh new songs and exploring artists of all genres.  He plays the electric bass, guitar, ukelele and even a bit of piano.  

Kevin Lucas, Sr. Instructor

Kevin is our most veteran Instructor, having served on our team since 2011.  He sees math as a set of tools that has really served him well, and is truly inspired to help our students better use this tool set.  Kevin graduated from UCLA with an English degree and he has found that the knowledge he received from the University mixes quite well with his problem solving skills.  As a humanities major, he commmunicates ideas in a way that keeps students engaged.

When he is away from Mathnasium, Kevin keeps himself quite busy.  He stays physically fit by bicycling and hiking, and pushes his creativity through writing and DJing.  Every now and then, he will go build a structure or two for a festival.

Eric Kuo, Instructor 

Eric has always been known amongst his peers as someone who they could rely on to help them with math.  It was natural for him to join tutoring clubs and other similar program where he had more opportunities to help struggling kids "get it".  And, now he actually gets paid to do this!

He really likes the casual setting at Mathnasium, and adds his own flavor to our positive, learning environment.  He sees how the trust that we build with our students enhances the teaching / learning experience.  

Jesus Roman, Instructor

Jesus has heard from too many people that math is a subject that is "too hard".  He always envied the joy that his math teachers got whenever they helped a struggling student truly understand a challenging concept.  He wanted to experience this feeling himself, and so when he was looking for a job, he looked for a place that was committed to making math make sense to kids who were being challenged by the subject.  He found Mathnasium - and, we are so glad that he did!

Jesus is a hardcore Disney fan, and has quite a collection of Disney pins.


Darron Cunanan, Instructor

Darron joined the Mathnasium team in February 2017 because he enjoys working with kids and helping them learn.  Because of his patience and empathetic nature, his specialty is in working with our younger students. 

He is currently pursuing a Sociology degree at CSULA.  Some of his interests include: fencing, playing instruments and watching movies.


Nathan Asdarjian, Instructor

Nathan brings years of tutoring experience to our team since September 2017.  He knew that he would get great satisfaction in sharing all the tips and tricks that he has learned over the years.  What he did not expect was how much gratification he personally gets in the interactions that he has with our students through their own personalities and ideas.

In addition to working at Mathnasium part-time, Nathan is a student at Cal Poly Pomona studying Mathematics and Computer Science.  His hobbies include working with computers and tinkering with electronics.

Kelly Ham, Instructor 

Like all of our other Instructors, Kelly enjoys math AND she enjoys working with kids - so, it made sense that she would apply for a job at Mathnasium.  What Kelly did not expect was to see so many happy students coming in to learn math!  "They are always so cheerful and they brighten up my day!" 

One of her future goals is to become an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) where she can continue to serve others by saving lives.   When she is not on a life-changing mission, she can be found on the tennis court or with her head buried in some interesting manga.


Titus Tjahjadi, Regional Director

Titus started his career at Mathnasium as an Instructor in 2007.  Because of his leadership skills, he was promoted to be the Lead Instructor, and then on to be the Assistant Director of the Mathnasium center in Pasadena.  He then served as the Center Director of the Pasadena center before his most recent promotion to Regional Director.  As a Regional Director, Titus oversees the management of the Mathnasium centers in Pasadena, South Pasadena and Monterey Park.  Because of his commitment towards excellent customer service and student progress, he stays passionately involved in student instruction, as well as the training of our team members.

Titus received his Computer Science degree from Cal Poly Pomona.  He is a self-proclaimed foodie, who is not afraid to create his own dishes.  He also enjoys travelling and seeing new sights.