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 Avoid the Winter Slide!


1. Read. Visit your local library and check out some books that are of interest to your

child and set winter break reading goals. If you have books you can donate, consider providing to a neighbor or a school in need of support - the holidays are a great time for giving! We have about 30 reading recommendations for ages 3-15+ on our Number Sense blog that not only promote the love of reading but enhance math skills.

2. Bring academic concepts to the real world through community service. Speaking of giving - help your child solve real-world challenges by applying what they learned in the classroom during the school year. Your family can help your kids practice math, science, reading, and civics skills by fundraising for a neighborhood nonprofit, creating a plan to promote a kid-oriented event or youth center through social media, or any number of local community service projects. This is a great idea if you and your family are making resolutions to help your neighborhood in the new year.

3. Cook. Culinary learning can be one of the best and fun ways to engage in reading and math, as well as hone a life skill - plus there's probably plenty of it to be done for family gatherings! We actually have a recipe for sugar cookies AND fake snow that requires a little bit of mathematical problem solving to make it happen.

4. Take a trip. We've got great weather year-round in San Diego, so kids can get out and about during the winter. Go to a museum, the theater, a zoo or a park and make it a fun, educational experience with scavenger hunts or trivia about the destination you are visiting. Before you go or when you get back, check out our articles about STEM jobs at the zoo, archaeology or even the mathematics of apple picking and falling leaves.

5. Make holiday travel educational. Driving to see family or friends? Plan stops at national parks and museums along the way. If you're flying, look at a map of where you'll be flying over - instant geography lesson! Or play a game counting license plates numbers.