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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:


Celso Torres, Center Director

Celso graduated with a B.S. in Systems Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis. He lived in Washington D.C. for a year and a half working as a Data Analyst for Johns Hopkins before moving back home to Atlanta.

Celso enjoys listening to music and exercising in his free time. He enjoys observing and learning about the complex interweaving of various educational disciplines, particularly with regards to sociology, anthropology, psychology, and physiology. 

Favorite Number: "10 because it's easiest to run calculations with."

Favorite Math Joke: "How do you keep cold in a warm room? You go to a corner because it's always 90 degrees!"

Fun Fact: "Octopuses have individual "brains" in each of their arms which allow them to independently move of one another. Whales will sing complex songs that can last up to 30 minutes!"

"I love Mathnasium because it's a fun environment where complicated math topics are broken down into friendly, digestible pieces."


Dr. Frank Cao, Owner

Frank received his PhD in Biological Sciences from University of Buffalo in 1997. He moved to Atlanta in 1999 and worked at Emory University as a Post-Doc for a number of years, before joining CDC as a Research Fellow working on infectious diseases. As a scientist, Frank has worked on many different projects and has published over a dozen peer-reviewed research papers.

Strong mathematical skills have always benefited Frank in his research, as well as other parts of his life. Ever since learned about Mathnasium, and discovered how great it's been changing kids' lives and preparing them for their future success, Frank has decided to become an owner. He is thrilled to be the new owner of Mathnasium Sandy Springs since Oct. 1, 2019, and is looking forward to contributing greatly to the success of this Center.

Favorite Number: "7, because I was born on the 7th, and I wore #7 jersey for both my high school and college soccer teams."

Favorite Math Joke: "What is the volume of a pizza with a radius of Z and thickness of A? Pi-Z-Z-A"

Fun Fact: "My first ever gift was a Rubik's Cube from my brother! I loved it so much that I developed my own algorithm to solve it as a teenager."

"I Love Mathnasium because I love math, and I love to be around kids!" 



Sheri S., Instructor

Sheri studied Political Science and Information Systems while in college. After graduating, he worked in IT for a number of years and has always been a secret "fan" of Math. Sheri is the kind of person who enjoys puzzles, mental challenges, and explaining numbers and technology concepts to people and did so in 

various volunteer roles. Sheri also wanted to work part-time for a while and Mathnasium was and is a great fit.

Favorite Number: "2000 because Y2K was supposed t

o crash all the computers in the world, but in reality, nothing really happened! (We were lucky)."

Favorite Math Joke: "Three statisticians are practicing their archery skills by firing arrows at a target. One shoots and misses two feet to the left. The second shoots and misses two feet to the right. The third one jumps up and says 'Yay – We got it!'"

Fun Fact: Sheri likes going to restaurants and trying to figure out the ingredients in new dishes so he can try cooking them at home!.

"I love Mathnasium because it’s a relaxed work environment and working with kids is really rewarding! We learn so much from each other!"


Christian C., Instructor

Christian has a Master's of Architecture from Andrews University. He is currently pursuing a Civil Engineering degree at Kennesaw State University. He has worked as an architecture camp counselor at Andrews University and has done peer tutoring as well. He has also worked with stage design for different productions at Andrews.

Favorite Number: "Graham's Number (the largest number calculated) because it is a huge number!"

Favorite Math Joke: "What did the counselor say to Trig's parents about his obsession with the difference between sines and cosines?" "Don't worry, it's just a phase"

Fun Fact: Christian has hiked up to Machu Picchu

"I love Mathnasium because I really enjoy seeing the moment that students finally 'get it!"



Glenn Harris, Instructor

Glenn graduated from Marist School in 2017 and Santa Clara University in June of 2021 with degrees in History and Political Science. He was inducted into the Phi Alpha Theta Historical Honor Society at the end of his junior year at Santa Clara. He loves puzzles, brainteasers, and problem solving!

Favorite Number: "42: it's the answer to life, the universe, and... everything"

Favorite Math Joke: "Why was 6 afraid of 7? because 7 8 9"

Fun Fact: "I love doing Sodoku puzzles"

"I love Mathnasium because as someone who got burned out from a decade of advanced/AP math, seeing a center devoted to making math fun and enjoyable for kids draws me to give kids an experience I never had myself growing up."

Carnell Lyon, @ Home Instructor

Carnell is currently a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in Aerospace Engineering with minors in Math and Physics. When he was in high school, he tutored students in Math, Reading, and Writing at the Tutoring Center in his hometown of Powder Springs, Georgia. He graduated from high school top of his class. In his free time, he loves playing video games and reading comics. 

Favorite Number: "My favorite number is the Planck length as it is the smallest possible length allowed by current day physics."

Favorite Math Joke: "What did the triangle say to the circle?.... You're Pointless!"

Fun Fact: Carnell lived in England for 6 years!

"I love Mathnasium because it is a place where students can overcome all their difficulties in math"


Ethan Tong, @ Home Instructor

Ethan enjoys learning, computers, photography, music, and games. He is currently majoring in Computational Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Computational Media is kind of like Computer Science but oriented to arts and graphics. Before Georgia Tech, he has been involved in numerous honors societies, including Mu Alpha Theta, a math honors society. He has also received the Presidential Scholar accolade three semesters in a row while attending the University of Georgia.

Favorite Number: "15: I don't actually have any specific reasons why, but it just appeals to me!"

Favorite Math Joke: "Parallel lines have so much in common... it's a shame that they'll never meet!"

Fun Fact: I was a trained DJ for student radio for the past three semesters.

"I love Mathnasium because I love math!"