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Math Games to keep skills sharp at home:


War! (K - 2nd)

This is a two-player game. Each player is initially dealt 26 cards from a normal 52-card deck.

Each player places a card down at the same time (next to each other). The person with the greater value on their card gets to keep the cards. If there is a tie, each player keeps their own card.

Continue playing until all the cards are gone. The winner is the player with the most cards at the end.

You can change up the game by making the player with the lower value win the set of cards.  You may also choose to add the 2 cards or multiply.

Evens and Odds (K - 2nd)

Players sit around a large pile of dominoes (or hand written dominoes) facing up.

The group works together to organize their dominos into 3 bins:

Both sides even

One side odd/one side even                         

Both sides odd

You can turn this game into a competition by having kids race each other

Pirates Dice (Probability – all ages)

  You will need 5 dice for each person who is playing. The object is to figure out the probability of the thrown dice having X number of 2s, or 3s, or 4s or 5s or 6s. 1s are wild.


 (video to come)

Everyone shakes their dice and hides the result from the others playing.

The first person looks at their dice and says “I think there are 5 twos.  (depending on how their dice landed.) The next person can do one of 3 things:

  1. They can go up in quantity – “No, there are 6 twos.”
  2. They can go up in denomination while keeping the same quantity - “no, there are 6 threes.”
  3. They can doubt the claim and everyone shows their dice and a count is taken.

If there are 5 twos (remember to add in the wild 1s, then the one who doubted it loses a die.  If there are less than 5 twos, then the person who doubted loses a die.

The game starts over with 1 less die in play. 

          Talk about the likelihood of there landing 10 fives if there are only 15 dice in play.

          Make sure to use the terms “Denomination” and “Quantity.”


 Smartie Fractions (k & up)

You will need a treat that comes in different colors or flavors. We use smarties, but fruit snacks or m&ms work well.


First each person opens up their small package of treats and counts how many there are total.

Write down the number of treats   15 /15 total smarties

 Now separate each treat into its various colors or flavors.  4/15 are green, 5/15 are orange. 3/15 are yellow, 3/15 are white.

 Point out that the top number (Numerator)  is the number of a part of the collection and the bottom number (Denominator) is the name of the fraction, but the total (whole thing) added together is 15 out of 15.


 Digit Dice (3rd and up)
  1. Each player rolls 2 dice and makes a 2-digit number from these 2 numbers. Example roll 3 and 5 and students can record 35 or 53. Once the number is recorded, it can’t be changed. Discuss the vocabulary of PLACE VALUE.

Repeat 2 more times or until three numbers are recorded.

Each player adds their three numbers together. The player who is closest to 100 is the winner!

  1. Challenge Rounds:

5 Rolls to Make 200: Roll 2 dice five times to create 5, 2-digit numbers.


Aim to get as close to 200 as possible. 3 Rolls to Make 1000: Roll 3 dice three times to create 3, 3-digit numbers.


Aim to get as close to 1000 as possible. 2 Rolls to Make 7000: Roll 4 dice two times to create 2, 4-digit numbers.


Aim to get as close to 7000 as possible. 

Big Money (3rd and up)

  1. Each player randomly chooses 5 coins from a coin jar. Have the students count the total sum of their half dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.

The player with the amount closest to $1 scores 2 points. In a tie, each player gets 1 point.

The players put their money back into the jar before playing another round. The first player to reach 6 points is the winner!

There are 3 vocabulary concepts to reinforce:  Quantity, Denomination, & Value.

Quantity is how many of each (i.e. 3 of one type)

Denomination is the name of the coin (quarters, nickels, etc.)

Value is what they are worth (1 quarter is worth 25 cents, 2 quarters are worth 50 cents.etc.)


 These are the digital Math Games Tammi has on her own phone:

1. I love the developer Motion Math.  They have solid math-foundations in their games and they offer a Parent Guide to each game.

Play each game with your child the first few times to ensure they are using proper thinking and the correct vocabulary.

Motion Math has a number of games available: My favorite is ZOOM! but I also own Pizza!, Wings, and Hungry Fish.

I also like the games Unity Bounce, Pick-a-path, 10-frame fill, and programming games like Box Island.

2.  Games are best for fun practice:  not always great for learning a new topic. 

Drill & Practice type games are similar to flash cards we used to have, but so much more fun! There are thousands of Drill & Practice games available online, so pick an inexpensive one that has received a high parent rating. 

3. Beware of math games that rely on luck, not skill and look for games that will help the student THINK!  Strategize! Develop critical thinking skills.


I also like the logic puzzles or Logic Grid Puzzles and the game Red Herring for older students. 


Free Math Nights for YOUR Elementary School

contact 801-244-5511 for more information

Come learn math games & activites you can play at home to keep number skills sharp!  No parent preparation required.... See how learning can feel like fun!


January 16 2020

Southland Elementary

5pm – 7pm

January 23 2020

Riverton Elementary

6pm – 7:30pm

February 6 2020

Bastian Elementary

5:30pm -7pm

March 9 2020

Summit Academy

6pm -7pm









Math is a PLAYGROUND… Let’s PLAY!

Free Math Game Night for Families

Monday, 12/30/2019  6-7:30pm

Learn to Speak & Play Math at Home!


Designed to teach games & activities families can do at home to develop better foundational math skills.

Ages 4-99 are welcome but designed for students k-7th grade



Games + Fun + Parent = Great Night Out!

Free, but must RSVP by texting "I want to play math" to  801 244 5511 to reserve spaces for your group! 


















Saturdays:  from 10-11 we offer Free STEM Club for ages 8 - 14. 

Kids can attend for up to 30 minutes .

A parent is invited to participate, but isn't required.

Parents must come into the center to sign their children in & out. 


June'19  Aerodynamics/ physics of flight

  • 1: without gravity

  • 8: in nature

  • 16: Helicopters & Gliders

  • 23: BINARY:  how do Computers understand data?

July'19: Alternative Energy

  • June 30: Intro to alternative energy

  • July 7: Wind Power

  • July 14: Hydro Power

  • July 21: Solar Power

  • July 28: Nuclear Power


  • 4:

  • 11:

  • 18:

  • 25:



May'19 Computer Aided Design/Chemistry

April'19 Programming Lego Mindstorm Robots.

March '19: Elementary Physics:  Force, Energy, Laws of Motion, Friction, Gravity, Levers, Rube Goldberg Machines..... oh, my!

February'19: TI-84 Calculator classes for students taking Math 7 & up. 

January'19: Introducing Computer Coding using Hopscotch & Scratch Jr. (object oriented programming)









Strategy games, Logic puzzles, Pizza, Fun! 


Let the Summer Math Fun Begin.  (June, 2018)

  HUGE shout out to our end of year WATER CELEBRATION at Golden Fields Elementary School!  




2018 Graduation/ Start the Summer Off Right Party! (May 2018)

  Thank you for your EXCELLENCE in all areas of your lives!  Parents & Students LOVE our instructors!  We LOVE our instructors!  Our instructors LOVE Mathnasium!  It's a win-win-win! 


What are the odds of winning at Mathnasium?  Pretty Darn Great!

Report on 1st Semi-annual Parent/Instructor Conference 

  Thank you for your attendance!  We loved getting to know you and see how much your students look like you.  We loved being able to answer your questions about our methodology and how we personalize it to your students's individual needs.  

  Parent/Instructor Conference 

Friday,  April 20, 2018   6 - 8pm

  Practice doesn't make perfect... PERFECT practice makes perfect!

Come meet your student's instructors and experience how they inspire each student to Practice Perfectly until they achieve mastery. 

Learn about our summer hours, discuss each student's progress, and learn why they love Mathnasium!.




















Pi Day Celebration 

Wednesday, March 14   5:30 - 8pm

  Compute Pi * Learn Pi * Throw Pi * Guess Pi * Recite Pi * Throw Pi

Wild and crazy and absoultely a BLAST!  That is how everyone describes Mathnasium's Pi Day Celebration!  This year was no exception!  Check out the photos below and post your own on our Facebook Page.  See the movie of one of our Instructors getting a REAL pie in the face.

Emma, Braden, Mason & _____ earned the right to "Pie" the instructor of their choice... they each memorized and recited more than 40 digits of Pi!

The Mathnasium team - again - pulled out all the stops to Make Math Make Sense!  















Saturday Chess Club - Free!

Every Saturday   10 - 1pm

  Strategy * Cameraderie * Logic * Problem Solving

Come join the Chess Club Family!