Welcome to mathnasium of Stillwater
Welcome to mathnasium of Stillwater

Our daughter loves the tutors at Mathnasium!


My daughter has only been going for about a month but already Mathnasium has made a huge difference! She loves...

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Hello, I'm Celeste Nelson, Co-Owner and Center Director of Mathnasium of Stillwater, your neighborhood math learning center. We help kids in K - 12th grade understand math by teaching in a way that makes sense to them.

We specialize in math-only instruction with a focused, caring, and fun learning approach that delivers results.
We proudly serve local communities and schools, including:

  • Stillwater Area Public Schools (ISD 834)
  • St. Croix Preparatory Academy (SCPA)
  • Mahtomedi Public Schools (ISD 832)
  • St. Croix Catholic
  • Hill-Murray School
  • Somerset, New Richmond & Hudson Schools

Dedicated to providing the best instruction

Our instructors are enthusiastic about math and specially trained in the Mathnasium Method. They create a caring and encouraging environment where your child will learn and thrive!

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Instructor Spotlight

Marcus C
Hi, I'm Marcus. I am a Stillwater Area High School senior. Math has always been my favorite subject. I have been taking college math classes for a few years. I love teaching math and helping others understand math. Outside of math, I enjoy racing bikes, playing drums and keeping bees. I also en(...)



One-on-One Assessment

Our unique assessment pinpoints what each child already knows and what they still need to learn.


Customized Learning Plan & Goals

Our detailed plan takes your child step-by-step from where they are to where they need to go.


The Mathnasium Method™

Our proprietary curriculum and teaching method fosters skills that take hold and build upon one another.

Latest News & Posts

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May 21, 2022 | Stillwater Blog

Does your student have unusual speed and accuracy while solving math problems? Can your student solve math problems in multiple ways? Does your student grasp math concepts and strategies quickly? Sounds like you have an ADVANCED MATH STUDENT! Yay..

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