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In order to understand your child’s math abilities and challenges, reach out for our complimentary assessment. This can help us pinpoint the gaps in your child’s math understanding, and determine whether our math tutoring programs are right for them! Our learning center to improve math skills proudly serves students throughout Atlanta, Tucker, and Northlake.  

My child is already advanced in math. Will Mathnasium still be helpful?

Yes, certainly! Here at Mathnasium of Tucker, our mathematics tutors use an individualized approach to math learning, creating a plan that suits every Atlanta student’s unique needs, even advanced ones. Instead of standardized teaching, we use a creative, tailor-made technique that allows students of all abilities to feel appropriately challenged. 

My child used to do well in math, but now seems discouraged and is falling behind. Can Mathnasium help?

Unfortunately, this is a common story. Traditional educational settings often gear their teaching towards memorization and test-taking, instead of lasting, functional understanding of math concepts. This can lead to gaps in knowledge, which present themselves as slipping grades and lack of confidence over the years. As these gaps pile up, your child may feel more and more helpless in math class. However, at Mathnasium, our effective assessment and tutoring strategies can identify the weak spots in their education, and fill them in with an intuitive comprehension of foundational skills, which they can build upon over time. We can help them regain their confidence and learn to like math again.

Is one-on-one tutoring the answer for my child?

While private math tutoring may offer some benefits, like improved test grades, it won’t address the underlying problem of your child’s gaps in math understanding. Tutors can assist with homework and test preparation, but most aren’t qualified to teach fundamental concepts and help your child regain confidence with extrapolating these concepts. Instead of staying stuck in memorization mode, always trying to keep their head above water, we’ll help your child gain a deeper understanding of math. By addressing knowledge gaps, boosting critical thinking, and expanding upon numeric fluency, we will give your child the tools they need to advance in math now, and into the future. 

What makes Mathnasium the best option for my child?

Our Atlanta math learning center takes math education to new heights. Using our accurate skills assessments, effective teaching strategies, and an engaging social setting, we provide an atmosphere you won’t find elsewhere. We take the time to understand your child and how they learn, and build a program that targets their unique abilities and challenges. We provide regular check-ins with visible results, helping your child see their progress and improve their confidence in and out of the classroom. Surrounded by other students, with the guidance of our specially-trained teachers, your child can feel supported in every step they take towards true, lasting math comprehension. We give them the tools and encouragement they need to succeed, no matter where they’re starting from.

Ready to help your child get back on track in math? Contact Mathnasium today for your free evaluation, to see which of our math tutoring offerings is best for your Atlanta, Tucker, or Northlake student. 

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