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Covid-19 Update: Our Center is OPEN and in compliance with CDC & State guidelines. Sessions are scheduled to maintain 6' distance between students. Online learning is also available through our platform.

Special Offers

Give them an EDGE this school year with Personalized Math Instruction at Mathnasium of Turlock

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 You'll see a change in more than their math skills.  Mathnasium will give your child an edge in math, and that leads to improved confidence overall. Our expert instructors don't just teach students to memorize or calculate; they teach them to truly understand the way math works. Which is why Mathnasium students make huge strides in the classroom and become more motivated and self-assured overall. With live, face-to-face instruction - both in-center and online. We offer

- A customized learning plan

- Live, face-to-face instruction

- Results beyond grades and scores


Give them an edge this school year with personalized math instruction at
Mathansium of Turlock.



We teach kids math in a way that makes sense to them. 

We teach for understanding. 

With our method, students learn how to think. We build upon critical thinking and problem-solving skills that help children succeed not just in math, but in life. Math can change their lives and they can change the world.

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Behind or Ahead, We provide the Tools for Growth.



Children leap ahead when they conquer 
big challenges.


By mastering complex concepts, students can reach higher math levels and unlock their true potential. 






Kids don't hate math; 
they hate feeling frustrated.

Our caring instructors give students the guidance and support they need to finally understand math, eliminating their frustration.








Any child can be a math champion.

Time and time again, the Mathnasium method has unlocked power in "average" students and enabled them to become high achievers. 



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2nd - 6th Grade 7th Grade - Pre-Algebra 9th - 12th Grade
60 min session 60 min session 90 min session


We offer homework hlep the last 10 minutes of each session, if needed.


We offer homework help the last 15 minutes of each session, if needed.


We offer homework help the last 30 minutes of each session, if needed. 








College students and private 1:1 sessions are an additional $100 over the regular high school level membership. Short-term, month to month enrollemtns are an additional $50 over the regular grade-level membership rates.

$50 off montly total. $25 off for additional siblings 



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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your program work? 

  • Mathnasium is like a gym for the mind. Similar to going to the gym, attending Mathnasium provides your child with a personalized workout plan, allowing them to build their math muscles over time. Just like any sport, the more you go the more you improve. Our Instructors are math personal trainers, available during our center hours. Additionally, 
  • We are Experts in Math. Mathnasium is a math-only learning center with more than 1,000 centers in the U.S. and abroad.  We have a proven method delivered by exceptional instructors with the goal of making math make sense by teaching for understanding.
    • Conceptual understanding is of utmost importance because kids need to have computation skills and they must also know how to use them.
    • The problem is that many kids are taught to familiarity—to mimic computations and rules.
      • For example, homework problems often mimic what was learned in class, and questions are very similar to the sample question. On a test, where the question is slightly different, kids are thrown off
    • When kids are taught for understanding, they:
      • Don’t have to worry about forgetting the material
      • Do better on tests, not just homework
      • Gain more interesting and reliable skills
  • Customized curriculum for all levels. We deliver a customized curriculum that meets kid where they are and takes them to where they want to go. Our program is structured for kids of most ages and aptitudes. We help kids get ahead in math from wherever they are.
  • We fill in gaps because skill gaps don't repair themselves.
    • Advanced students: Even small gaps, say when a student gets a 92% on a test, can carry on and become bigger gaps down the road.
    • Behind students: Math builds on itself, and so do gaps. That’s why kids lose confidence in their math abilities and have a harder and harder time catching up as the years progress.

We’ll help them catch up and get ahead.

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How do you teach?

We provide individual instruction in a group environment. Every student has their own customized program, materials, and instruction. Our highly trained Instructors are always available to help each student and teach them one to one. Mathnasium instruction incorporates mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written math.
Most classrooms want you to learn something 'this way' on 'this schedule' or you won't pass the class. Most students don't work that way. Some need more time, others are ready for a challenge, and some just need another approach. At Mathnasium, we adapt to each student's needs and teach math in a way that makes sense to them.
When kids are taught for understanding, they don't worry about forgetting the material; they do better on tests, not just the homework. They also gain reliable skills and the foundation to build upon, most importantly, they become confident in themselves and their ability. Conceptual understanding is of utmost importance because kids need to have computation skills and they must also know how to use them. 
Knowing the correct answer solves one question. Knowing WHY an answer is correct solves an infinite number of questions. 

Do you provide homework help?

We absolutely help with school work. The assessment helps us know where the gaps are so we can help close them, making homework easier, not just tonight, but overall. In addition to working on topics to fill gaps and build new skills, Mathnasium hour offers homework help as well. Your child will receive immediate homework help while new skills are being created, making homework time easier going forward, which should ultimately save time. 
How are you different from a tutor?
Most students don't need "tutoring" as in someone walking them through today's homework. They need "learning" as in filling in background gaps and strengthing their understanding of the material. We address more than just the current topics students are studying. The Mathnasium Method is designed to help students master previous topics as well, which sets the foundation for better future success overall. Math builds on itself, and having a strong foundation allows students to advance with an understanding and love of math. 
Who are your instructors?
Our Instructors are caring and dedicated to helping students understand and achieve their best in Math. All of our instructors are specially trained in the Mathnasium Method and receive ongoing training. Our instructors vary from credentialed teachers to college math majors. 

Do you charge for an assessment?

Due to COVID-19 and the learning loss that students are experiencing, we have made the decision to not charge for our assessments. Our initial Assessment is how we create a fully customized program for each student. By identifying gaps, strengths, and weaknesses through the Assessment, we are able to put together a comprehensive, individualized plan that will enable students to learn material they may have missed, practice what they already know, and strengthen skills in which they are less confident. 
My Child hates Math. Can you help them? 
Kids don't hate math. they hate that they're not comfortable with it. They hate being confused, intimidated, and embarrassed by math. They hate how they feel when they're not proficient with it. We absolutely can help! After tending Mathnasium, students build confidence in math, which ultimately improves their overall attitude. 
My Child is advanced in Math. Can you help them? 
Many advanced students do well in school but do not fulfill their full potential. Mathnasium helps these students fill any gaps they have so that they can build on their solid foundation and leap limitlessly ahead. Our program also allows students to continue to be challenged.