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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Larry Martinek, Chief Instructional Officer, Developer of Mathnasium Program

Larry has spent his entire career finding a better way to teach math. From the inner city to public schools, to acclaimed magnet schools, to leading private and parochial schools, Larry has served as both a classroom teacher and as an educational consultant. He has designed curriculum, teaching strategies, and educational materials designed to help students and educators learn math more effectively. He has trained teachers in the art and science of boosting students' ability to “do” math, thereby increasing students' math scores and feeling of self-worth. Larry is the developer of Mathnasium’s educational program – one of the most comprehensive and innovative curricula ever produced for teaching math.

While Larry is not an Instructor at our Center, He is a valuable asset we can call on to ask about particular students' scenarios for guidance and advice. This has helped to make visits more productive and enjoyable for many of our students. 


Nida, Center Owner

Nida is the Center Owner at West Seattle center. She has graduated from the prestigious University of Mumbai holding a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. She's an avid art enthusiast which has led to her entrepreneurial venture in opening a line of custom made footwear exquisitely designed and hand painted by her. With her moving to the United States the passion continued for pursuing her untapped energy to the field of Mathematics leading to the advent of Mathnasium's West Seattle branch. There has been a longstanding relationship between art and Mathematics since time immemorial and Nida is one such example as an individual who exhibits this as a role model. She believes in helping children to truly understand math in a way that makes sense to them and finds Mathnasium as her route to achieving this goal.


Claire, Center Director

Claire is the Center Director at West Seattle center. She has always enjoyed math from a young age and wants other kids to see how much fun it can be. She has tutored and managed students at another Mathnasium branch for over two years and has seen the great benefits of the Mathnasium Method. She wishes Mathnasium were around when she was a kid! In her spare time, she spends a lot of time reading novels and writing with her collection of fountain pens.





Hacer, Instructor

Hacer is a freshman at University of Washington majoring in Mathematics, and minoring in Education. She loves tennis, trying different restaurants, teaching and spending time with kids. She went to a  Science Academy in her home town Ankara, Turkey. Her favorite subject has always been math and tennis at a young age. Working at Mathnesium is Hacer’s favorite opportunity as a freshman. She not only solves math problems on a daily basis but also gets to teach  and learn with kids. Hacer’s goal is to become an excellent teacher and have students enjoy math as much as she does.




Connor, Instructor

Connor received his Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Millsaps College where he also studied Anthropology. He loves learning about other cultures and has spent time in Japan, Vietnam, and Tanzania. He encourages people to be learners for life and to never be afraid to ask questions.






Zoe, Instructor

Zoe is currently in high school but she attends classes at Seattle Central Community College through a program called Running Start. She has come to realize how fun and useful math can be and is passionate about sharing this knowledge with others. In her free time, she enjoys reading, painting and cooking.





Briana, Instructor

Briana received her bachelor's degree in Engineering Science, and she is a current master's student at the UW getting her master's in public health in global health. She has always loved math from a very young age, and she loves to share her love of math with others. She loves to travel, and she says that one of the best things about math is that you can understand it in any language!








Nastaran, Instructor

Nastaran has a bachelors in Statistics and masters in Mathematical
Statistics. She has worked as a statistician and data analyst for
different startups. Math was her favorite subject growing up and loved
math games and puzzles. She likes to help Mathnasium’s students feel
the same way about math. She loves playing chess and she played in
multiple state chess tournaments when she was in high school.







Alaa, Instructor

Alaa has studied Bio-Medical Engineering at Damascus University, and now he is an Electrical Engineering student at UW Seattle. He has always enjoyed studying math, and he loves to help kids enjoy it as well. He believes that, in the quick technological growth, understanding and applying math is a fundamental point to be prepared for our future. 

He is really involved in hiking and rock climbing. If not studying or working, he enjoys designing robots and spending time with family and friends.