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Summer Program

 Begins June 1st, and goes through August 31st


During the Summer Program you will not have to schedule your appointments in advance. All you will have to do is come in any time we are open during that day. We will have instructors waiting to help your student. 

This program may be used for normal Mathnasium Programming, or prep for specific subject areas. 

Students may attend up to 5 Sessions per week, and may attend multiple sessions in a single day.  

Pre-Assessment will be performed during the first session if not paid for and performed in advance.


12 Sessions:     $399

 16 Sessions:      $499


 Additional Programs:

If you are interested in 2-4 sessions per week throughout the summer, our regular school time membeships are also available. 


Please call or email the office at (919) 957 - 0600 or to register.