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The Trimathlon is an Annual Nationwide Competition where students can show off their Math SkillsWin Prizes, and Receive Donations to their School!

This event is FREE for any student who wants to attend, and is offered for anyone in 2nd3rd4th, or 5th Grade. 

When: November 6th, from 12:30PM - 6:30PM
               Registration will begin 20 Minutes before the beginning of each round

Where: Mathnasium of Lead Mine
                7713 Lead Mine Road, Suite 53
                Raleigh NC, 27615

How to Enter: To apply for this event please visit

How it Works: 

The event will be split into different times for different age groups. There will be three sections to the competition.    
1) Counting Game
2) Magic Square
3) Mental Math

These sections will take 15 Minutes each, with a 5 Minute break in-between, for a total of 1 Hour per Group. 

The Mathnasium HQ will alot our center $10 for Every Student Who Attends, we will then donate that money to schools of our choice. 


Schools with 5 or More participating students will be given a $50 Gift Card for Supplies!

1st Place -      Pizza Party for Entire Class
2nd Place -    $10 Gift Card to Papa's Pizza
3rd Place -     Mathnasium Goody Bag

There is also a chance at a National Grand Prize for a larger Donation Amount, and a Special Prize!

Please email us with any questions regarding this event, and look forward to seeing you there!