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Apr 22, 2018

Problems of the Week – April 23 to April 27

Apr 22, 2018

Lower Elementary: Question: Natalie prepares 16 ounces of broccoli for family dinner night. Each of the 4 people in Natalie’s family eat the same amount of broccoli, and there are 4 ounces of broccoli left over. How many ounces of brocc...

These are good examples of how we use real life situations to teach Math problem solving techniques.

Apr 3, 2018

Problems of the Week – March 26 to March 30

Mar 26, 2018

[5]Lower Elementary: Question: Marty is running late for school. Right now, it’s 8:25 AM. It takes him 18 minutes to skateboard to school. If class starts at 8:30 AM, how many minutes late will Marty be? Answer: 13 minutes Solution: M...

Problems of the Week – March 19 to March 23

Mar 18, 2018

Lower Elementary: Question: Put the following in order from smallest to largest: a giant grasshopper that weighs 245 pounds, a giant ladybug that weighs 399 pounds, a giant centipede that weighs 150 pounds, and a giant peach that weighs 8 tons. ...

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