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Students improved in assessment scores on average from 55% to 83% in just 3 months!

At Mathnasium of Ellicott City, we specialize in teaching kids math the way that makes sense to them. Our Mathnasium Center is conveniently located near the intersection of Rt 40 and Centennial/Bethany Lane. It is close to Safeway (Enchanted Forest Shopping Center), Pizza Hut, CVS and ACE Hardware.

  • Expert Math Tutors
    We only tutor math and specialize in grades K-12. Using the time-tested, proprietary Mathnasium Methodô, we're committed to helping your child catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math. 
  • Custom Learning Plans & Personalized Instruction
    Your child will receive personalized instruction and a customized learning plan based on their unique needs and goals. The results are measurable progress and a renewed sense of confidence in math.
  • Homework Help
    Our math tutors provide homework help that addresses gaps in knowledge and teaches proper study skills. Homework will be seen as a welcome challenge and an opportunity for further learning.

Elementary School: Our instructors provide one-on-one help with addition & subtractionmultiplication & division, as well as help with fractions. Our tutors help with word problem solvingdecimal fractions, and percents. We also use math games to help students get energized and excited about math.

Junior High and Middle School: We offer pre-algebra and algebra tutors, help with word problem solving, tutors for integersgeometry tutors, probability and statistics tutoring.


High School: Our tutors are well-qualified for the higher levels of mathematics: algebra 1algebra 2geometrytrigonometrypre-calculus, and calculus.

Through our CurriculumPlus Memberships, we specialize in teaching math in a way that makes sense to each student to build solid mathematical understanding and lasting skills for a lifetime of success.

For high school students wanting to focus primarily on immediate academic needs, we now offer both scheduled and drop-in tutoring through our TutoringPlus Memberships. Top-tier tutoring with expert staff is now available -- as needed, on all school nights and weekends -- at a practical price as low as $31/hour!

We also provide private tutoring and individualized test prep services for the SSAT / ISEE, SAT / ACT and AP exams.

At Mathnasium, better grades are just a beginning. Discover how a better understanding of math can open new doors and inspire new passions! Whether a student is advanced at mathematics, or struggling with it, we can aid success through a customized program tailored to the studentís specific needs.

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Arup and Pampa Mondal.
Curriculum Directors
Mathnasium of Ellicott City
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