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Math Nights are COMING!

As part of the partnership with National PTA this year, Mathnasium can come to YOUR school and host a Math Night with games and family fun for students in grades K-5. This awesome opportunity creates a fun atmosphere where kids can practice mathematical concepts and experience just how fun math can be! Call us today to book your school's Math Night opportunity!

Summer Slide Prevention Programs Start June 6th!

Summer is  the perfect time to catch-up, keep-up or get ahead! Each week this summer, we are offering themes to strengthen foundational math concepts and playing games on the hour each hour.  Enrolled students get to join in on the fun as part of their enrollment. 

iMAGINE Upstate STEAM Fest 2018

On April 7st, 2018, the iMAGINE Upstate STEAM Fest returns to downtown Greenville! We are super-excited to be participating!  Come see us from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm and enjoy LOTS of fun activities for the whole family!

STEAM Day @ Monarch Elementary

We are excited to be participating in the Annual STEAM Day held at Monarch Elementary School on March 23rd, 2018.  We will be hosting 4th grade Mathletes to our Mathalon events in rooms 406 & 408 all day. Students will have the chance to work with their teammates to compete by answering "mathletic" questions covering metric conversion, 2-D & 3-D geometric concepts, place value, multiplication, division & fraction review.  Winners will receive cool Mathnasium gear and bragging rights!  

GAME Night!

Mathnasium students and their friends and siblings are welcome to come to our Parent's Night Out/Kids Night Out once each month for fun games & free food!  See our Schedule page for this month's calendar of fun activities!

PTA Partners for STEM Initiatives

We are very excited to be partnering with some of our local schools this year!  Every parent who shared contact information with us received free assessments for all school-aged children in their household. We were invited to attend Mauldin Elementary School's Meet-the-Teacher Night on August 11th. Oakview Elementary School welcomed us to their Open House on September 1st.  We also attended Monarch Elementary School's Open House on September 13th.  Ace was there to make lots of new friends and give away lots of cool stuff! We are also participating in Monarch Elementary School's annual STEAM Day in March!  If you would like to partner with us this school year, there's still lots of time and plenty of opportunities for us to support your teachers and students.


Silent Auctions, Fundraising & Volunteers

Schools we partner with & sponsor:

J.L. Mann High School's Student Council's Spirit Week
Sara Collins Elementary School's Freaky Friday 
Oakview Elementary School's Hootnanny 
Brashier Middle College's Student Council's Spirit Week
Mauldin High School's Student Council's Spirit Week

We also are partnering with Mauldin Elementary School's PTA and working with 4th graders each week. You guys are SO MUCH FUN!

Please contact us today if you would like for us to do something for your school!