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We are Scott and Christine Rubin, Owners and Directors of Mathnasium Mill Valley. Our center specializes in helping enrich mathematics with struggling or advanced children from 1st through 8th grade. The Mathnasium Method is one that has been proven to help children understand math in a way that makes sense to them! We are proud to introduce Mathnasium to Marin County!

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Students improved in assessment scores on average from 55% to 83% in just 3 months!

At Mathnasium of Mill Valley, we specialize in teaching kids math the way that makes sense to them.

  • Expert Math Tutors
    We only tutor math and specialize in grades 1st-8th. Using the time-tested, proprietary Mathnasium Methodô, we're committed to helping your child catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math. 

  • Custom Learning Plans & Personalized Instruction
    Your child will receive personalized instruction and a customized learning plan based on their unique needs and goals. The results are measurable progress and confidence in math.
  • Homework Help
    Our math tutors provide homework help that addresses gaps in knowledge. Homework will be seen as a welcome challenge and an opportunity for further learning.

    Our Students Attend:
    Bel Aire
    Del Mar
    Edna Maguire
    Marin Horizon
    Mount Tamalpais
    Neil Cummins
    Mill Valley Middle
    Old Mill
    Ring Mountain
    Saint Hilary
    San Domenico
    Strawberry Point
    Tam Valley
    Tam High

Math tutoring/instruction for people that live in Marin County (Sausalito, Mill Valley, Tiburon, Larkspur, Corte Madera, etc.) We tutor basic math, algebra, geometry, SAT/ACT, elementary school math, middle school math, high school math, private school math students, and much more.

Proudly serving zip code 94941