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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorSekhar Potluri, Center Owner

Sekhar has always loved math and enjoys being around and helping kids learn and enjoy math. Sekhar has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Before finding Mathnasium, he spent around 18 years in IT, Retail Management and ventured other businesses but always wanted to spend the rest of his life doing what he loved the most, being around and teaching children. He believes that Mathnasium method of teaching math can change a child’s attitude towards math and help develop a deep understanding of “number sense”. Sekhar and his team at Mathnasium of Silver Creek are committed to helping children grow their interest and confidence in math and are very proud to bring the Mathnasium Method to your children in Evergreen and Silver Creek area.


Bhavya, Assistant Director 

Bhavya has B.S & M.S degrees in Aerospace Engineering. Aside from engineering, Bhavya is passionate about teaching. She taught Aerospace Engineering for several years to undergrad and graduate students in US as well as India. Teaching came naturally to Bhavya even at a young age when she constantly found herself tutoring her classmates and juniors mostly in Science and Mathematics. 

Aside from teaching, Bhavya loves children, and likes to engage them in various fun activities. Children too tend to like her back because of her warm and ever smiling personality. Because Mathnasium is a mix of two of her biggest passions, Bhavya is excited about being a part of it, to meet the families in the community and to help children reach their highest potential.


Timothy Lo, Lead Instructor 

Timothy is a Master's student at San Jose State University, currently studying Public Health. He attended Evergreen Valley High School, completing the highest level math class offered there (Calculus BC) and scoring a 5 on the AP test. Timothy has also coached the EVHS badminton team for the last 5 years as well as at a local badminton club, gaining experience teaching children and adolescents. He has previous tutoring experience, helping out at the after school math tutoring center during high school as well as privately tutoring family friends in high school math. Timothy knows the importance of being able to think analytically & logically, and believes that the Mathnasium method is an excellent way to foster this type of growth.



Patricia Tran, Lead Instructor 

Patricia has graduated magna cum laude from San Jose State University with a B.A degree in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. She is currently working toward a teaching credential from SJSU as well. She has a great deal of experience in teaching and helping younger students, from her five years of coaching badminton at EVHS, helping a family friend’s daycare children with homework, and being a private math tutor for younger students. In addition, she has five years of experience being a teacher’s aide at Math Enrichment for the Precalculus course, where she learned the importance of encouraging students to never give up. She recognizes the prevalence of mathematics outside of the classroom and is eager to share her passion to the students at Mathnasium.


Dan Nguyen, Instructor 

Dan is expecting to graduate this year from De Anza college with an A.A and A.S degree in chemistry. Being a biological science major, she had completed all of her required math courses, including Calculus, with scores in the top ten of her classes. Dan also has experience in assisting elementary to middle-school students during her time of volunteering at her church. She believes math is a language itself, and we have abstracted it in a way that has confused lots of students at their young age. Breaking down those abstractions and simplifying them in the most efficient ways are her preferred teaching style, and are also what she found in the Mathnasium method.


Gaurav Kuppa, Instructor 

Gaurav has recently graduated from Evergreen Valley High School and has started attending SJSU for BS in Computer Engineering. He is extremely passionate about math as he has taken all the math courses offered at the high school level. He has completed AP Calculus AB and AP Statistics, and Calculus 2 at a community college . He intends to further explore mathematics courses at SJSU. His teaching experience primarily stems from tutoring his peers in high school. He is very excited to start working with the kids and encourage them to think outside the box!


Duc Pham, Instructor 

Duc Pham is a current student at Evergreen Valley College and former student at UCSB. He has completed up to Linear Algebra and is currently taking Differential Equations. He hasn't always loved math, but when exposed to higher level mathematics concepts that were more complex it became more challenging and fun to learn. He competed and placed 6th in a Senior Math Olympiad in his senior year of high school. He hopes to share his love for math and help other students find a love for math themselves. Besides mathematics, Duc also has a love for tennis. He plans to return to UCSB to continue his degree in Computer Engineering.



Jenny Wen, Instructor 

Jenny is currently a senior at Evergreen Valley High School. She is taking the highest level math class offered at her school, AP Statistics. She received a full score of 800 on the SAT subject test Math 2 in her freshman year. She started doing competitive math in middle school, participating in national math competitions. After graduating high school, Jenny hopes to go to a UC and major in computer science. She is a former teacher's aide at Math Enrichment, and enjoyed working with the students there. As an instructor at Mathnasium, Jenny hopes to foster an interest for math as she has recognized the importance of mathematics in daily life, and its ability to help students discover a whole new world of interests and fields. Aside from math, Jenny enjoys programming, solving Rubik's cubes, and, of course, eating!


Alvin Zou, Instructor 

Alvin was born and raised in San Jose, and is currently a senior taking Calculus BC at Silver Creek High School. He developed a passion for math in elementary school, which fostered a strong ambition to push himself in the subject. During his freshman year, Alvin developed an interest in teaching, which, combined with his love for math, led him down a path of experience with many math tutoring organizations in the Evergreen area. He has worked with students of math levels ranging from basic arithmetic and calculus. Alvin strives to become a teacher, and hopes that in Mathnasium he can continue to nurture his passion and be a mentor and aide to students.



Connie Lu, Instructor 

Connie is a senior at Evergreen Valley High School. She has taken both Calculus AB and BC, and is currently enrolled in AP Statistics. She is grateful for the exceptional math education she received from teachers and family members in younger grades, and wishes to extend these opportunities to students at Mathnasium. Connie enjoys learning about how math is applied in many different areas of academia and innovation, and she hopes to bring this excitement to the Mathnasium center. Outside of class, Connie spends her time reading fiction, watching YouTube, and trying out new recipes. 


Shivani Parekh, Instructor 

Shivani is currently a senior at Evergreen Valley High School. She has completed up to Calculus AB, and is currently taking Calculus BC. She has excelled in all of her math classes, and loves exploring new concepts and challenging problems. She plans on majoring in computer science, and hopes to attend UC Davis. Some hobbies that Shivani enjoys are piano, art, swimming, and karate. She has been an assistant teacher at her karate dojo ever since she earned her black belt a year ago, and has experience working with children. Shivani is excited to inspire students to want to continue studying math and share her love of math with them.


Hrishika Basava, Instructor 

Hrishika Basava is a current senior at Evergreen Valley High School who has completed math courses up to AP Calculus BC and is currently taking AP Statistics. She has always been passionate about math and science, as she loves how something as simple as numbers can help explain the world around us. In the future, she plans to use this passion to pursue a career in STEM. She has various experience tutoring, from fellow high school students to younger kids at the local middle school. Hrishika hopes that as an Instructor at Mathnasium, she will be able to pass on knowledge, understanding, and genuine excitement about math to students.


Justin Shao, Instructor 

Justin is a senior at Evergreen Valley High School. He has shown a strong interest in math and sciences since he was young. Justin has taken Calculus AB and BC in high school and is currently taking AP Statistics. He not only enjoys math, but also helping others understand math as well, and he has a lot of experience in tutoring others and helping them understand various math concepts. Justin hopes to apply his familiarity with math and experience at Mathnasium. He sincerely hopes that he can help others appreciate mathematics as well, and he hopes to accomplish this through his instruction at Mathnasium.


Matthew Guo, Instructor 

Matthew is a senior at Evergreen Valley High School. He is currently enrolled in AP Statistics, and intends to major in Computer Science after graduating. Matthew has always had an affinity and passion for math, having received a full score of 800 on the SAT subject test Math 2, and a 790 on the math portion of the SAT. When his classmates are struggling with the subject, he is always ready to give them a helping hand. As an instructor, he hopes to share his knowledge with other students, and foster an understanding and enthusiasm for math and its diverse applications. Outside of math, Matthew spends his time reading, drawing, and listening to music.


Phillip Nguyen, Instructor 

Phillip is currently a junior at Evergreen Valley High School. He is currently taking high-level mathematics and physics courses and plans to major in a STEM field after graduating high school. Ever since Phillip was young, mathematics has been his favorite school subject for its ability to use a variation of techniques to solve the same problem. His creativity allows him to find unique patterns and such in math. Phillip’s imagination also expands to his love for music. He has played piano for over ten years and is currently in the EVHS Wind Ensemble and Marching Band. As a part of the Mathnasium team, Phillip will be able to help others with his abilities and allow himself to grow as a mathematician.


Jennifer Branham, Instructor 

Jennifer is currently a junior at Evergreen Valley High School. She took AP Calculus AB in her sophomore year and is currently taking AP Calculus BC. Jennifer has always excelled in math because she enjoys finding different ways to solve a problem. She has previously participated in the Science Olympiad, piano recitals, and is a member of the EVHS Track and Field Team. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching TV in her spare time. Jennifer is eager to join the Mathnasium team and is excited to share her passion and knowledge about math with others.