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Welcome! I am Michael Fisher,

  Center Director, Mathnasium of St. Charles

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What types of children attend Mathnasium?

 Mathnasium is for every child.  Students that are gifted come here for more challenging enrichment.  Students that are struggling come here to catch up, keep up and get ahead.  No matter where they are at, your student will become crazy about math!

There is one thing that remains constant.  Math is sequential.  Foundational knowledge must be solid before a student can move on and understand the next concepts. 

At Mathnasium of St. Charles, we specialize in teaching students math the way that makes sense to them.

  • A Math Learning Center for All Ages
    We teach math to all age groups: Early Childhood (Pre-K, K and 1st grade) through Elementary School, Middle School and High School. 
  • Expert Math Instructors
    We teach only math and specialize in teaching math to grades Pre-K through 12th. Using the time-tested, proprietary Mathnasium Method™, we're committed to helping your child catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math
  • Custom Learning Plans & Personalized Instruction
    Your child will receive personalized instruction and a customized learning plan based on a comprehensive oral and written assessment. In this way, we will address your student's unique needs and goals. The results are measurable progress accompanied by confidence in math
  • Standardized Test Preparation
    We provide math test preparation for a variety of state and national standardized tests: ACT, PSAT, SAT
  • Homework Help
    Our math instructors provide homework help that addresses gaps in knowledge and teaches proper study skills. Homework will be seen as a welcome challenge and an opportunity for further learning.
We offer month to month programs and private tutoring.  We create individualized learning programs based on our very thorough assessments. 
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Michael Fisher, Center Director
Mathnasium of St. Charles

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